Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Harvest time, a few days to late!

I was out looking at my broccoli yesterday and noticed it had started to change colour slightly. I started a post with a picture on garden web to ask when you should pick broccoli and sure enough it needed to be pick. I was told I should have harvested 5 days ago and I must say I agree. The heads had not actually started to flower but it was getting very close and the heads had started to loosen a bit. They still were very tasty, just not as firm as usual.

I just harvested the center head and left the plants in. They all have very tiny buds starting between the stem and leaf joint that will turn into mini broccoli heads within a few weeks. Once I harvest these I will then compost the plants and hopefully by then my transplants will be ready to fill the empty space.

I think next year I will try a little different strategy for my brassica's. This year I planted 8 broccoli, 4 brussels sprouts and 2 cabbages with a second broccoli crop pending. Next year I am going to forgo the cabbage all together, hold off on the brussels sprouts and plant 14 broccoli plants in early spring. Then when this time of year rolls around I can harvest the broccoli and then replant 10 broccoli plants and 4 brussels sprouts for the late crop. I have read that it is better to plant brussels sprouts later so they develop in the warm days, cool nights of late summer and so the frost can hit the plants well the sprouts are still some what young.

I have also harvested some of my romaine lettuce, they have about 50% of there growth so I pulled some up so there is more room for the remainder to develop. I will follow up in a day or two with a recipe for homemade caesar dressing & croutons.


  1. the broccoli was is so nice to have fresh veggies... Great job Dan... :)

  2. Man, my broccoli isn't even starting heads. Despite the cool weather crop I bet it needs heat to grow a head. Yours looks amazing and makes me drool for mine! Nice!

  3. I have been reading on garden web that broccoli can be testy in the spring, most of the experienced growers on the forum prefer growing fall crops of broccoli.

    We had cool and wet weather and my broccoli had no signs of heads and as soon as it got really sunny and warm they formed heads in a week or two. I am sure your guess is correct that once your weather turns around they will form heads.

    What happened to your blog, it will not load?

  4. Your broccoli looks great! Mine made tiny heads this spring. But tasty. Too hot too fast I assume. I'm looking forward to trying a fall crop, which I have also heard works better. I planted my fall crop too late last fall. But, ever hopeful, I think I can get it right this fall.

  5. I'm hoping for massive heads this fall, this may be wishful thinking.