Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lots to update

First thing I would like to mention is thanks to every one that stops by to see how things are going, I have been getting a fair amount of hits lately and lots of people finding my blog well searching for trellis plans.

I have added a new section to my side panel to keep track of my vegetable production. I am going to try an remember to weight everything that I harvest so I can have a good idea of how much I can produce out of my little spot, so make sure you keep checking. It is at a meager 4oz at the moment but I am still excited about that!

Speaking of that 4oz, I have harvested some baby romaine, baby beet leaves and a few of the French Radishes. When I thinned the rows earlier on, I left them a little closer then is recommended so that I can harvest baby greens for salads. This way I can utilizer what would other wise be compost.

some of my first harvest

Now for the good part, My broccoli is starting to form heads! At this rate I will be blanching and freezer broccoli in about a month. I am also going to have to figure out when to start new broccoli transplants from seed so I can plant a second crop. I am not sure when I should start the seed but I do know that the Ministry of Agriculture recommends a late planting date for broccoli to be July 15th in my area. I think I will post a question on Garden Web to see if any of the smart people that frequent there can tell me when the best time to seed is.

Broccoli Head Forming

The second good part is that the pole beans, zucchini & cucumbers have all started to break ground. The only reclusive one is the lima beans, I think this is because the seeds a larger so it will take more time to plump up and shout out of the ground. Now I just have to keep hoping that the squirrels keep out of the seedlings until they are strong enough to withstand the relentless digging.

Pole Bean




  1. Looking great...I can not wait for the fresh beans...and peas...

  2. Ah, so THAT's what a broccoli head starting to form looks like? got a pic of a cauliflower head? ROFL my broccoli appears to have stunted a bit whle my cauliflower looks to grow as big as my house before anything looking like a head forms.

    Gotta love different climates. My peas are over a foot tall and you're getting broccoli? Odd.

  3. I think cauliflower takes a long time to form a head, you probably have to wait until late summer-early fall.

    I wish I had room for cauliflower but I think it would just get way to big for my little spot.

    I remember getting a cauliflower head at a produce stand a couple seasons ago the was 2x the size of my head. By the sounds of your plant that may be what you are in store for :-)

  4. Really? Considering the size of the leaves you may be right. It better not take up more space than 1 SF because that's all they have, hehe.