Monday, June 9, 2008

How I am going to feed hummingbirds in my yard

I put up a Humming bird feeder a week ago and I've already had some visitors that have been coming frequently in the evenings. I chose the feeder in the photo's for a few reasons, the first is it is not as attractive to bees' because their proboscis are not long enough to reach the reservoir unlike the bottle feeders. It is also very easy to clean every part of the feeder which is not possible with the bottle feeders and it has a built in ant mot. This feeder also gives you a much better view of the birds because there is not a large bottle in the middle blocking your view.

With all these features this means this feeder is more expensive, going for an average price of $30 plus tax. I got around paying this high price by purchasing this feeder on Ebay. I found it from a seller named desertginny and purchase it for around $15 , shipping include and no tax. If you are interesting in purchasing one she is still selling them and they can be found by clicking this link.

The hummingbirds are very entertaining to watch and I have
read that once you have a lot of hummingbirds coming to your feeder they start to chase each other because they are territorial. I am feeding them a mix of 2 cups of water to 1/2 cups of sugar that I dissolve on the stove, once cold I clean and refill the feeder every 3-4 days, no red colour needed. You can also make up this solution in bulk and store it in your fridge.


  1. Your so innovative Dan! That bird is tinny

  2. Nice photo...I could not get a good picture...sigh...It is exciting to see the tiny little bird. :)