Friday, June 11, 2010

This & That

Today seems like a good day for a this & that post. I took some photo of things I have not update on in a while and what ever else caught my eye. Lets start with peas shall we:


Here are all the peas I am growing. They are just coming into their prime now and I should be able to start harvesting some this weekend. Starting from the left: cascadia snap pea from Laura, victorian shelling pea from Gary, opal creek golden snap pea & oregon sugar snow pea from Miss M. Didn't have to buy many pea seeds this year :-) The golden snap pea is kind of puzzling me, it keeps making pods but they don't grow thick like a snap pea should....

Now onto my Hop vines. I started brewing beer a few months back and so far brewed a pale ale and a porter. I figured if I make my own beer I might as well grow my own hops. There are three vines in the patch, Goldings, Cascade and Nugget. Two are growing up string from the soil to the soffits of the house and the other one is growing up a 15' bamboo pole. They can climb 20' from what I've heard.

First tomatoes are setting. This is the early 'Siletz' plant I started. Given some good weather they should be ready in about 30 days.

All the bush beans are in full bloom and starting to set beans. I ought to do a post just for beans next because I am growing a lot of variety, many of them shared by other bloggers. All the pole beans are climbing well too but no flowers yet. The poles always seem to be later.

Brussels Sprout plants are doing well. This is my third attempt with them with the past two being pretty uneventful. If I don't get a good crop this year it will be the last attempt.

Here is a shot of Purple Sprouting Broccoli from seed shared by Miss M. They are a spring variety so they should produce faster. In behind is lettuce and the rest of the typical broccoli.

All the Potatoes are up as are the weeds. I have a Japanese Weeder that cuts them off just below the surface. It works great but has one flaw, you have to use it......

Last but not least Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce from seed shared by Alex. I am going to use it as cutting lettuce so I can start harvesting some anytime now.


  1. I've got that same flaw with many of my weeding instruments. It's a shame they come with such a defect ;) Your crops are looking great. Hops! How cool. I'm looking forward to seeing how those do for you.

  2. The weeds at my home are going crazy....must be all the rain we have been having...I can't keep up with them and I'm! What is a Japanese weeder? Bent finally brewed some beer a few weeks ago...we bottled last weekend and we will be sampling this weekend...He will blog about it next week I'm sure....I love the looks of those hops.

  3. Just lovin' the frog! He looks very happy there.

  4. Laura - They side the hops won't do much the first year but look out after that. I am guessing they will need heavy pruning so they don't take over everything.

    Susan - It is a really sharp blade on a short handle. You just pull it towards yourself just below the soil and it kills the weeds. If I keep at it every couple weeks it really works well and is fast to use. I just need to use it :-) Here is the link to were I got it:,2300,44822&ap=1

    Ribbit - Yes the fog is very happy! It actually freaked out my sister the other day, she though it was real, ha.

  5. Oh that Cascadia sugar snap is looking like it needs to be picked and eaten right there in the garden! How can you stand to leave it on the vine?! LOL! Mine are actually just flowering because I have them planted in an area that gets marginal sun (slows them down) but they will start producing for me soon.

    I used to marvel at the huge supports that had hops growing on them in the lower central Washington area when I used to live in that general region. I honestly think the supports were 20 feet tall. It will be interesting to see how they do in a home garden setting.

  6. It all looks so green and yummy. I wish my weed tools would do the work for me as well. The rain has been bringing lots of weeds here. So far I can keep up. It's long about mid July when I give up usually.

  7. Nice variety and photo of the peas!! This will be my first year growing Brussel Sprouts. Mine are a little smaller then yours.

    I like my weeding "Little Garden Helper"!! He has been going around the garden saying weeds weeds...and he pulls them out! He was also pulling weeds at the playground!

  8. I often give up on a crop after trying for several years, but then a decade later I forget the pain and do it again. Sometimes it even works.

  9. I'm so jealous of your peas! Mine are flowering but no pods yet. Fingers crossed :)

  10. It looks like everything is growing wonderfully. I think I'll try to grow more varieties of peas next year as they're one of the more productive plants in the garden.

    If you're interested in doing a fall seed swap, let me know! I'm putting together my fall crop list now.

  11. Start those Brussels in February indoors and plant them outside just after danger of hard frost. Give them lots of time and keep the aphids off.

  12. Your Brussels sprouts and lettuce are looking healthy.

    @ Robin:Please post a photograph of your weeding tool. Can't wait to see your "Little Garden Helper".

    @ GoneferalinID: Read your latest post, It's really a disaster.

  13. Your beans are so much further on than mine - I only have one or two with flowers!

  14. Your garden is coming right along....
    Great photos as always... :)

  15. All the veggies are looking good!

  16. How's the flavor on those Victorian Shelling Peas? I'm curious about that variety, as I like the shelled varietes more than the others.

    I think tiny baby beans are my favorite "cute" thing in the garden. They are just adorable!

    Very curious about the hops growing, which is something I've always wanted to try. Can't wait to watch yours get big!