Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bean Post

I have been really pleased with my beans so far this year. I started them in rootrainers around the first of May and they were transplanted into the garden on May 24. I am growing quite a mix of them this year, both dry & green beans in pole & bush habits. The bush beans are off to the races so I will start with them first:

Soldier Bean, dry bean.
Seed shared by Kath

Vermont Cranberry Bean, dry bean.
These are from self saved seed from last season.

Tiger's Eye Bean, dry bean

Dragon Tongue Bean, green bean.
They are my favorite bean. The name is a little funny and they
look weird but taste great. Mature pods are purple, white &
green. Great steamed and topped with butter and S&P.

Now onto the pole beans. They are doing equally well but seem to always lag the bush beans. No flowers yet but they have sure been climbing. I will start with my stick wigwam's:

Instead of purchasing more bamboo canes this year I just used sticks & jute for the beans to climb up. At about a buck per long bamboo cane this is a $9+tax saving. This grouping is all dry beans, went a little dry bean crazy this year.... Starting on the left we have:
  • True Red Cranberry Bean (seed shared by Kath)
  • Trail of Tears Bean (seed shared by Daphne)
  • Boriotto Bean (seed shared by Gary)
Lastly here are the typical green beans and they are growing on the bean trellis I put in last year. The two tallest vines on the left are Purple Podded Pole Beans. Last year I only harvested a couple of them so I am hoping for more this time around. Beside them are six Kentucky Blue Pole Beans. They are a cross between Kentucky Wonder & Blue Lake, we shall see how they do.


  1. Your beans are far ahead of mine! The first in flower are Early Warwick, a lovely bean to use as a shelly or dried. I held them back at home for a couple more weeks because we had such a devastating hard frost well into May. Climbers are just starting to climb.

  2. I think you went just as bean crazy as I did this year. I also have seven. On my bean post I said six beans but I have so many I forgot one. I forgot the Scarlet Runner beans. Is it really sad when you have so many varieties that you can't even remember them all?

  3. Wow, you definitely have a nice mix here. I'm glad you to hear you like the dragon's tongue. They are the only ones that germinated well for me this year.

  4. You convinced me to try the dragon tongue beans this year and they're a hit with the boy! I don't know what it is about my conditions, but most are just pale white. A few of them do have that beautiful purple pattern, however. They're prolific, but seem to be prone to rust. But hey, if the boy likes them, I'll be growing them, that's for sure.

  5. I am amazed at how far along your various bean crops are! The root trainers obviously gave them a superior start. I direct sowed all my beans and we have had cool/wet conditions - so I am many weeks behind you in growth. I had to replant most of my Blue Lake pole beans too but luckily the second planting is making an appearance. I love beans - such a versatile and tasty crop.

  6. Your beans are looking beautiful. I can't believe how far along they are, in such a short time. My earliest ones are big and bushy and blossoming, but just now showing a few tiny beans. Your bean leaves look so healthy, something is chewing on most of my pole beans, but I can' find the culprits. I think it must be the earwigs.

  7. Dan, you're the man....I'm just now beginning to get flowers on my beans.

  8. My beans have a lot of catching up to do. The weathers improved over the last few days, so maybe soon... I'm intrigued by the Dragon Tongue Bean.

  9. I can't believe how many beans you have already. Do you credit the root trainers for the early start or is this usual for you?

  10. you definately have a great crop of beans!! and my poor wee beans are only a few inches out of the ground! i like the 'recycle' method of staking beans! i have an assortment of old bamboo stakes i've been using, in a teepee fashion and good old binder twine, off the bales...

  11. What lovely beans! I have bean envy! almost as crazy about bean varieties as I am about tomatoes. That reminds me to get a second, late crop planted - they seem to do well if I have the space after the potatoes have gone.