Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Garden Overview

The gardener has really started to fill in so it seemed like a good time do an overview post. The beds are not showing much bare soil anymore but it will be a little bit longer before the trellises are green. Lots of photos today, I will keep the descriptions to a minimum so not to consume to much of your time.

From the base of the garden. Photos of each bed starting
at the base will fallow.

A bit of a mishmash here. Brussels sprouts, potatoes,
broad beans & celeriac.

This is the broccoli bed. The trellis behind is planted with
cucumbers which are about to start climbing.

Potted snow peas in front of the broccoli.

Next up is the tomato bed. On the trellis behind is french
melons. The melons are a little poky but seem to be doing
well now.

This is another mixed bed. Buttercrunch lettuce, fennel,
swiss chard & red celery.

In front are snap peas, they will be replaced by fall broccoli
in July. In behind are assorted carrots & parsnips.

This half barrel is planted out with lettuce, kale & cabbage.
Looking a little tight, it needs some harvesting.

In front there is a mass of onions. They look a little close,
time will tell if they have enough room to bulb. Beside is
some garlic and behind are climbing dry beans.

This bed mainly comprises of beans. Brush
in the front & poles in the back. Tucked in
the corner is an early started Siletz tomato.

Here are all the peppers in the front, sweet & hot.
In behind are shelling peas and butternut squash
on the trellis. At the top are a few paste tomatoes and
hops strung up the wall.

The hanging basket contains thyme & chives. In the buckets
there are tomatoes growing upside down, sungold & black cherry.

Lastly here are a few other hanging baskets. Starting on the
left, summer squash, mixed herbs & tomatillo's.


  1. Everything looks so....perfect! I love all the hanging planters, and you really know how to get a lot from a small space. Well done!

  2. Impressive garden Dan! The hops growing up the wall is going to be pretty fun to watch as it matures.

    Everything looks like it is thriving under your care.

  3. Hey Dan, I just emailed you!

    Everything looks great! I'm always impressed by how much you are able to fit in a small urban growing space. It makes me think that there is no reason why more people can't grow their own food in the city.

    I'll be really interested to see how the upside down tomato does.

  4. Nice shots! We where trying (not to hard, but still) to get hop this year and failed. In Germany. Go figure.

    Fennel hates other plants and inhibits their growth according to "Carrots love Tomatoes". We stuck it away in a wee corner of the garden this year, where it can fight of weeds.

  5. I love everything on the side of the house. It's the perfect border.

  6. Very nice use of space Dan. It's amazing how much one can grow in a limited space. Everything looks very happy and healthy :)

    People are always surprised at how much food we get from our urban garden. We have absolutely no grass in the back...just a low deck and veggie beds.

  7. Another Plum Pudding garden! It all looks so good too.

  8. The Garden is looking really good..Dan. :)

  9. It really is amazing what you are getting from such a small space. Great job!

  10. Your garden looks really amazing!

  11. Wow! Everything is so lush and green. You sure don't waste a single square foot in your garden. Keep it up!

  12. Wow! Your garden is looking really good. I agree with Lou,everything in your garden is luscious and green. You did a really good job.

  13. Your gardens are looking fabulous! I really like the overview shots! Give a much better appreciation for the scale of work your doing!

  14. I want to see how the upside down tomato in the pail does too. I doubt I'll ever do it as I hate taking care of container plants, but I'm always curious.

  15. healthy, bright green, no weeds - that is some mad gardening skills you have there. Impressive looking beds.

  16. It looks beautiful! I really like the efficient use of space.