Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Outdoor update

Here is the outdoor update I was blogging about on my last post. Our weather up to today has been constantly 24C(75F) and above for the last week or so. The veggies have really responded well to the warmth as have I. Looks like this week will be cooler and rainy but that is welcome too, it has been a really dry winter & spring here.

Overwintered spinach is growing gangbusters!

'Bonsai' Pac Choi


Overwintered Leeks. The biggest ones are about an
inch thick so they are still pretty small. I will be harvesting
them late May when I plant peppers in this spot.

Hardneck Garlic, all doing well.

'Valentina' Rhubarb. I have recently moved my two crowns
because they were growing in the area of my new potato
bed. Looks like they are unscaved and I can't wait for the
first Rhubarb Crisps & Pies.

All the Peas are growing nicely in rootrainers under the
polytunnel. Another week or two and I will be planting
them out in the soil with pea brush.

Here are my seeded onions, bottle, torpedo & spanish. They
are doing alright but could be a lot better. As long as the
weather holds up I will be planted them out soon.

All the Brassica's, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage & Purple
Sprouting Broccoli. They are doing well but are a little leggy after
growing under my hot grow light. They did this last year as well
so I just plant them a little deeper.

A group of greens in the coldframe. There is Tatsoi, Pac Choi,
Kale, Mixed Lettuce & Romaine. All will be planted out soon.

Here is a closeup of the lettuce above. I am a big fan of
leaf lettuce mixes, this particular seed mix is from pinetree
for $1.25 a pack.

Last photos today are a couple clumps of overwintered
Mache. There is lots of Mache out there that I need to harvest.
Looks like I will have to make some salads with store bought
radishes etc, pout pout.

The only other thing to update outdoors is I seeded some fennel and radishes out in the soil. I was hoping some would be up for today's post but that didn't happen. Can't wait for fresh radishes and fennel!

My next post will be on spring blooms in the yard.


  1. Everything looks great! I can't believe how much stuff you have growing already. I'd start more but I have no idea where I'm going to find a job or if I'll have room. I could always give them away though...

  2. Nice pics Dan...It's amazing what a little sunshine can do...(did I mention I could use some too)

  3. Looks great, Dan! Things are really picking up.

  4. It's been really warm here, too. Those greens sure do look good, and you have several varieties that i've never even tried.

  5. We have been having warm temps too. Tomorrow is supposed to get to 85F! Your plants look like they are doing great. My leeks never seem to get all the big. I'm quite happy with 1" leeks.

  6. Gangbusters is the word ! Looking great Dan. Weather was really nice last week. This week is warm and overcast so I planted some lettuce and some of my onions and seeded some carrots and beets. There's still lots of work to be done on the beds. I'm slowly but surely getting there. How are your new beds coming along ?

  7. Aerlonian - It is nice to have things to harvest this time of year. I am a little behind from last year, all the cell pack grown greens were much large. I should have started sooner.

    Sunny - Well we lost our sunshine today but it was nice well it lasted.

    Ribbit - Things are really getting underway. Can't wait for all the beds to be full again.

    EG - The Tatsoi and Pac Choi are really good. Both raw in salads and cooked in stir fry's & soups.

    Daphne - We lost our warm weather today unfortunately, back to day time highs in the high 50f's. I wish I had more 1" leeks, quite a few are scallion size still. I keep hoping they will all size up by late May.

    Miss M - So far I put in the potato bed which I should post about soon. The other bed I have been noticing is a lot shadier then I originally thought. I am waiting for the sun to raise more to decide if it is sunny enough.

  8. Wow that is a lot of veggies going into the garden! You'll have a great harvest in a few months. I use lettuce seedling mixes too, they're great, but mostly because I just can't grow them from seed! love the look of the speckled looking one tucked in up the back.

  9. Um, I think it's suposed to be warmer here but you are soooo far ahead of us all - amazing! I'm always impressed, Dan.

  10. Lots of good stuff "growing on" in your garden! It never ceases to amaze me how just a few days of warmth and clear skies can kick start everything into an overdrive growth mode. The peas look beautiful, the lettuces tempting already, and the overwintered leeks are begging to be used!

  11. The spinach looks fantastic. If I could get in there with a pair of scissors those leaf mixes wouldn't last long either! I love mixed leaves!

  12. Everything looks great Dan. I can't believe how big your peas are! I should try to start them indoors next time.

    The spinach looks great too. Mine is pretty much spent.

  13. Your garden looks fantastic. Very jealous. Well done

  14. All lookin' really good. Rhubarb! I wish I could grow rhubarb. My Grandma had some, and made the best strawberry rhubarb pie. There are entirely too many things one can't grow way down here. Never mind pouting, it always puts me in a full-out sulk when I think about it.

  15. Wow, your veggies are zipping along there, it's amazing what longer days and some warm weather will do for the garden. What kind of mache is that?

  16. Last week's weather was nothing less than lovely :) What good looking vegetables you have! Now I wish I had overwintered leafy vegetables in the backyard.

  17. Your lettuce looks luscious! I am there with you on the rhubarb crsip.....can't wait!

  18. Wow, you have so much variety! Your work looks like it's definitely paying off, good job!