Friday, April 2, 2010

Indoor seedlings

It would appear that I have been neglecting blogging due to all the summer like weather we have been getting. I have been doing lots of gardening, yard work and photography though. After planting a bunch of things this evening I decided to update on the indoor seedlings due to outdoor darkness, if only the sun didn't go down... Early this week most indoor crops have been put out in the polytunnel so this will be a short post.

Here are peppers that Granny shared, Golden California Wonder & Quadrato Rosso D'Asti. There are eight growing in this cell pack and they will be split and potted up soon.

Here are the rest of the peppers, Big Chile II, Pustagold, Pasilla, Early Jalapeno, Ancho & Yellow Cayenne. These will all be potted up soon as well. I think I started them to early. I find peppers do benefit from an early start but I think I will hold off a couple weeks next season.

Now for the celery & celeriac. Start on the left is Red Celery, in the middle is Brilliant Celeriac from Kathy and on the end Giant Celeriac from Miss M. They have been recently thinned so they are looking a little ragged. I think I will start putting them in the polytunnel soon to bulk them up.

These are all the things I planted tonight, the great majority are herbs. Also started tonight are a bunch of perennials from Miss M and snapdragons from Granny.

Soon seeding will ramp up again and my indoor area will be full again. I still have all the tomatoes to start, I am holding off starting them too early this year because they grow so fast. Other things that are coming up are tomatillos, more herbs, beans, melons, cucumbers & squash. The garden is getting busy again!

Look for an outdoor update some time this weekend.


  1. Looking good, Dan. I'm so excited, my son came over tonight with plans for a small greenhouse (which might turn into a couple of large cold frames)! He said he has all the glass panels for it.

  2. I'm about to start my squash this weekend! My problem is that the veggies that are where they are going to go are no where near maturity, but they need to be because I need to beat the squash bug season. Looks like I'll be making some hard decisions.

  3. I have pepper envy. My pepper seedlings always languish each spring and take FOREVER to get to the size yours are at. This year is no exception. Unlike you, I think I need to move my start date way up to be ready in time.

    I will be starting the squash family and probably sweet corn starts this weekend (keep going back and forth between just waiting and direct seeding or doing the starts ahead of time).

  4. I wish I could be doing lots of gardening like you. My lettuce and onions were supposed to go into the ground on Thursday. I'm wondering if they will even get in today.

  5. Nice start on the plants...those peppers look great and if your temps stay anywhere near the 70s and 80s they should grow like crazy!

  6. Hasn't it just been amazing outside ? Been busy doing yardwork too and I've started hardening off a few things.

    Your celeriac is looking much better than mine ! lol. I'd say mine is kaput.

    Look forward to the outdoor update !

  7. Hi Dan! Congratulations :-) You've won the Ft2Garden BLOG AWARD!

  8. It is such an exciting time of year! stuff is happening finally. We just need more bright sunshine and longer days!