Friday, April 30, 2010

More planting....

I put in a few more cool season crops tonight ever though I am a little under the weather again. Not sure what the deal is this spring but I have been ill like three times. I think I need to eat more of my spinach!

The half barrel was the first thing to be planted. I am growing an assortment of things in it that I will show below:

three early jersey wakefield cabbages, seed from Yan @
Soggy Creek Seed Co. This is the variety that grows like
a cone head.

Filling in around the cabbage will be black seeded simpson
lettuce from seed shared by Alex. I seeded quite a few to
utilize the thinning's as they grow.

In the center I planted a tuscano kale. I seeded quite a
few kale but only two germinated. It should still be good
though, a person only needs so much kale.

The last of the brassica's to be plant was a row of four Jade Cross Hybrid Brussels Sprouts. This will be my third time trying brussels sprouts after two previous failures. I am hopeful this will be the year that I harvest some reasonable sprouts!

I also planted up a cell pack of iceburg lettuce (again from Alex) and buttercrunch lettuce. They will be grown in the polytunnel and planted out after a few weeks.

To ends things off a photo of this beetle that was in the pepper plants. It looks like a ladybug but it is more elongated and more pink then red. Any ideas what it is?


  1. Wild little bug. Definitely trying to disguise itself as a Ladybug!

  2. Your ladybug looks like this:

  3. Laura - It is different, like a skinny ladybug!

    Granny - That looks just like it, thanks Granny! It was one fast moving ladybug.

  4. That barrel looks quite wet. I'm jealous of all your greens. I've been in limbo and unable to start anything. I've got about 500 spinach seeds that I can start in a week though. Also some pak choi and purple orach.

  5. Aerelonian - I had just soaked the barrel after planting. It is about 60% potting soil & 40% compost so it holds alot of moisture. Good luck with all your soon to be planted seeds! Are you going to get a plot in BC?

  6. Some things that appear to be ladybugs are actually harmful - although I don't know that yours is. Hope you feel better soon, Dan...

  7. Get well soon Dan. A bit of sunshine helps, I find.

  8. Your brussel sprouts look good. Mine are much smaller then yours. It's my first year planting them and I almost forgot I had purchased the seeds! Maybe I'll have beginners luck!

    Love your bug!

  9. I hope you get to feeling well. Did you take the flu shot? When I began taking the flu shots a few years ago it is like magic, I haven't been sick in about two years. I swear by it. Good hand washing helps too. Looks like your gardening season is in full swing. If I lived up there I'd be most excited about the bloggers coming for a visit!

  10. That's an interesting looking bug. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it is. hahaha.

    That reminds me that I have to sow the brussel sprout seeds that you sent me. I was a bit unsure of when to sow it but all of the articles that I read said to sow close to May 1st in order to harvest after the first frost (supposedly when it takes the best). However, now I'm starting to think that this is a bit late.

  11. I've had good luck with black seeded simpson lettuce, myself. Currently, my lettuce crop is being systematically eaten each night by one or more rabbits. Putting it in a 1/2 barrell, might be the answer to that for next year or the fall crop.

  12. I hadn't had a cold in 2 years before I got this one. It just won't let up. I'm much better mind you, but it seems to be dragging on.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    To add to Granny's ID: Spotted Lady Beetle - Coleomegilla maculata

  13. love the lady bug... :)
    you have been busy planting... :)

  14. The cool season crops look good and I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you succeed with the brussel sprouts this year.

  15. We failed with Brussels last year as well. We started seedings this year in march and have learned that we should have started them at least a month earlier. The reason ours didn't work last year was that we direct sowed way too late, like in mid may.

    Best of luck!

  16. I have two half barrels on my patch but I find they dry out really quick if I don't water them well in hot weather. I suppose you have googled the ladybugs? I found a couple of strange ones on my broad beans last year, turns out they were foreign invaders.

  17. I hope you are doing better than I am. I think this is the first time I've been really sick in years, but it is just taking me out.