Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grow Room Update

I realized tonight that I had not done an update on the grow room for the entire 2010 season. Starting tomorrow I am going to start placing many of the plants out in the poly tunnel during the day so soon there will be nothing left to post about. Almost everything under the light now are seedlings. All the over wintered plants have been either moved to the spare room, the poly tunnel or just outdoors. Nights have been pretty warm for the most part so they have not been affected. On nights near freezing I have been placing the plants in the shed over night. Here goes photos of most things growing:

Burgundy & purple impatiens. I grew these from pelleted seed and they have grown very well. There is about a flat worth of them growing.

Here are all the sweet & hot peppers. Again about a flat worth are growing. They are really starting to get large so I will start placing them out in the tunnel on warm days.

This is the second attempt at an early tomato after the first one died. It is coming along nicely and I am hopefully the later start will not make much of a difference. I think I may plant it out by the weekend and on cold nights just wrap it up.

These are a bunch of cutting I have taken for outdoor planters. Most of them are geraniums.

Here we have blue wave petunia's also grown from pelleted seed. I wish I started them at the same time as the impatiens because they are growing slowly. There is still about a month to go before I plant them outdoors so hopefully they will catch up.

Dahlberg seedlings. Never grown these before, they have a yellow daisy like flower and will be planted with the petunias. Going for a blue, purple, yellow combination in the pots this year.

Snapdragons from Granny. Never grown these before either. They are a mix of colours and will be planted in the front perennial garden. They badly need thinning which I will do soon.

Basil growing along side many other herbs. Funny thing is I always grow herbs but rarely use them. Maybe this year will be the year.

Here are all my tomatoes that I started not to long ago. I forgot to take the doom off soon enough so they are all a little stretch. There are about 50 growing, half for me and half for my sister. I am hoping with the later start they will not need potting up at all. They also need thinning.

This the the biggest of the two brugmansia sanguinea I started from seed back in January. I am hoping for blossoms in the first year!

Similar to the plant above, here we have a bunch of double yellow datura. They will be grown in outdoor planters.

Last but not least here are all the melons, cucumbers, winter squash and summer squash that I sowed on the 26th. I am sprouting them indoors and then they will be out in the tunnel during the day until planting. I also started all the beans in rootainers on the same day, no picture of them but they are on top of the fridge sprouting.


  1. I'm so jealous of your impatiens! My pelleted seeds (supposed to be at least 100 of them) sprouted exactly one impatiens and four things that look like weeds. Your snapdragons look so nice. I just scattered mine out in the garden, so I don't know if I'll get any or not. I'll keep your photo on hand so I can identify the leaves if they do grow. I don't seem to have the luck with flowers that I have with veggies. Our weather has turned cold and windy again, it just keeps teasing me with occasional warm days.

  2. I think a small part of my propagation system will be used for flowers next year. Thanks for showing the various plants you currently have - they look great!

  3. Granny - I am definitely impressed with the impatiens. I wish all the other flowering plants were growing as quickly.

    EG - It is worth growing flowers, there is a huge cost savings when growing your own and they attract pollinators.

  4. I love snapdragons. I had some a couple of years ago and they self seeded in the garden so I go another year free. My Dad used to grow them when we were children - you can squeeze the side of the flower (gently) and the dragon snaps at you!

  5. Things are looking good. My peppers have all germinated and most of my tomatoes. I'm still waiting on the San Marzano to get up since they were started a couple days after the other ones.

    Your impatiens look good. Those must have taken quite a while to grow.

  6. Your flowers are impressive! I tried to grow a few of my annuals. The marigolds, nasturtiums and thunbergia are doing well. The others, not so much. I have a collection of about 30 different types of coleus. They take up most of my extra growing space over the winter. With regard to your herbs, fresh herbs are the best. I also dry enough for our cooking needs for the year! Great set up!

  7. I just never think to start flowers?! Obviously they are not high on my list - but I do purchase annuals each year for my front flower pots so it would behoove me to get with the program and follow your lead. Looks like you are pumping out the seedlings from your seed starting area!

  8. Looking great ! I've been cramped for space to start my annuals. The last three days were 'moon friendly'. Ah well, will do them this weekend. They'll be tiny when I pot them out in June, but hey ...

  9. You have so many wonderful things growing! I need to invest in some grow lights. My attempts at sowing seeds inside usually ends in failure for all sorts of reasons. The biggest is the lack of grow lights, but that doesn't diminish the other reasons I fail. My children obsessively watering and re watering the poor little seedling, and then there are my grazing cats. Hmmm, maybe I just need a room with a lock :)

    Great post!

  10. What a great article! I really enjoyed reading this post and looking at the pictures! My kitchen looks quite the same :D. I grow herbs year around.

  11. Everything looks fabulous Dan...have you ever tried LED grow lights?

  12. Brugs and daturas are amazing. You can overwinter your Brugmansias with a little neem oil indoors. The fact that they are deadly, smell wonderful and are beautiful is why I grow them every couple years.

  13. Veg Heaven - I will have to try squeezing them this summer :-)

    Daphne - I started the impatiens mid march. Wish I started the petunias then too.

    Robin - I really should use more herbs!

    KitsapFG - Its like a seedling jungle in the basement :-)

    Miss M - I'm spacially limited this year as well, veggies and annuals take up to much space. Maybe I will get a couple fluorescent lights next season.

    Laura - Light is definitly the key. Shop lights work well and are only about $20 bucks per light.

    Hallelyjah Herbs - Thanks

    Sunny - I have not tried LED and have not heard good things either. Hopefully a few years down the road they will come out with lights that works well with plants.

    Red - I have a peach brug. that I have over wintered for four years now. I just let it go dormant in the basement. Hopefully the brug. sanguinea will overwinter as well.

  14. Sunlight does the seedlings a power of good, but you are probably a bit colder there to get much of that. Seedlings also need excercise!! really! the movement creates more sturdy stems, so you can run your hands over the flats if they are indoors to help them toughen up!

  15. That's quite the room! My brugs are covered with side shoots everywhere there used to be leaves on the stems. They're doing surprisingly well. Hopefully they relocate alright...

  16. Dahlbergs are great plants. We grow them in the desert. They grow and bloom all summer and ever survive the winter. They aren't pretty in the winter but they do live. They also spread from seed. I love them.

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  18. you have nice things growing in there. i've seen the latest posts as well, good harvest, good job! :)