Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seed Trades Part III

The last seed trades have came in over the last few days, at least I think it's the last of them. If you missed any parts you can find them here, Part I & Part II. It has been a fruitful year for seed trades and I have received many interesting things.

Miss M @ Dirt Happy sent an assortment of veggie & ornamental seed. Starting with the top photo there is giant celeriac, oregon sugar snow pea, toma verde tomatillo, purple tomatillo & purple sprouting broccoli. In the lower photo is pink chelone, blue baptisia, blue flax, max setaria, red leaf amaranth & perovskia.

Kathy @ Skippy's Vegetable Garden sent brilliant celeriac.

Yan @ Soggy Creek Seed Co. sent amarillo carrot, early jersey wakefield cabbage, bull's blood beet & purple plum radish which I just posted about below.

Today I also did a bit more root crop planting. Feb 11-12th is a good time to sow root crops by the moon. Timing was perfect to seed the two kinds of celeriac I just received above and I also seeded some red of florence scallions that Thomas sent.


  1. (Your site is not updating on my bloglist. It still displays Harvest Monday. Strange. :/ )

    I shall sow my celeriac then. Thx for the heads-up !

  2. Miss M - My blogroll's do the same thing, not sure why. They do usually catch up eventually. The celeriac and celery will really benefit from an early start. They can take ages to germ and then ages to grow. I was just reading today that celeriac does not like temp change either. They should not be planted out until the temp is evenly around 20c, to much cold will make them bolt. I will start celery 16th-17th according to the Farmers Almanac moon planting times. Until them I will make sure my flying broom is in good shape.... ha!

  3. I hope the scallions work out for you Dan! Their germination has been pretty good for me and took about 7 days.

  4. I love seeing the seed sharing that is going on among bloggers. Hopefully, next year I will be able to share too.

    I am starting to believe this gardening by the moon since my first seeds germinated so quickly. I think I will plant more onion seeds tomorrow :)

  5. Thanks so much for the link to Soggy Creek Seed Co. I'd never heard of them and their packaging is absolutely enchanting. :) I almost wouldn't mind if the seeds didn't germinate... but I'm sure they will!

  6. You are rich with seeds! I hope you hang on to those Soggy Bottom seed packs they would make for an interesting group of framed pictures - opened up and laid out flat so you saw front and back and then matted so the flaps and rough edges did not show before framing.

  7. Dan, I forgot to ask how many celeriac are you growing ? I'm seeding mine today and I was thinking half a dozen should be enough. Although as a root vegetable it should keep pretty well. I think I read it freezes well too, so I might put in more. What do you think ?

  8. I think all this seed swapping is brilliant! Now I have friends all over the world! PS Love the maple leaf flag!

  9. Dan, you're gonna have to build a multi level garden to plant all of those seeds. Man, you've got alot!

  10. Thomas - Those scallions look pretty cool, can't wait to try them.

    GrafixMuse - It will be interesting to see if the moon planting makes a difference over the season. If you ever want to do a trade just drop me a line.

    Eliza - I love their package too, so neat.

    KitsapFG - My seed box is ballooning, I need to get planting.

    Kalena - :-)

    Miss M - I am growing 16 plants all together, 2 per cell. Come planting time I may only be about to find room for 8 through. The celeriac should keep well in damp sand in a cool spot as well.

    Matron - Isn't that flag cool!

    EG - It is going to be another full year in the garden that's for sure.

  11. I LOVE the Soggy Creek Seed Co. site and their gorgeous illustrations and adorable descriptions! Thanks for the introduction to them!

  12. How to partecipate to your seeds trade?