Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Beautiful but Cold Day

Today was a very nice sunny February Day. We had a high pressure system push down from the north which gave use lots of blue sky's but also really cold temperatures. Here are a few photos I took today:

Male Mallard, Taken on the Grand River in Caledonia, ON

Male & Female Bufflehead, Taken on the Grand River in Caledonia, ON

Barn, Taken in Six Nations Reserve


  1. Beautiful pictures Dan. It looks cold! Sunshine and blue skies are worth braving the chill to get outside in.

  2. It was frigid today, the temp was 26f which is not to bad but the wind was very biting. It seems the sunnier the winter day is, the colder it is outside.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Dan. I like the one of the Mallard, although he does look angry at the temperature.

  4. That first picture looks professional! I just love pictures like that. Puts you in such a peaceful mood. You must have a really good camera.

    So nice.

  5. Nice pictures! Just how cold is cold?

  6. We've had clear skies and very cold temperatures as well. The water looks deceptively warm in those pictures. Great shots!

  7. S'been cold here too this first part of February. Come on March !

    Lovely pics !

  8. Red - They must feel the cold. Some times they will just stop and tuck their legs into their feathers.. tough life.

    LeighAnn - Glade you liked them. I use a Nikon D80 which is a higher end consumer camera. Maybe I will get a pro camera some day... I need a sponsor :-)

    Parsec - This day the truck said it was 25f, with the wind chill it probably felt more like 14f. Pretty chilly.

    Thomas - It has been nice to see all the sun the last few days.

    Miss M - I can't wait for spring either. It actually felt kind of spring like today, lots of sun and no winter chill.

  9. I love ducks!! I haven't seen any in a long time so I'm waiting for their return.