Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Crops

The time of year has come when reality sets in. When I do a spreadsheet of all the varieties I want to grow and start fretting about were I am going to plant them all. I really tried to pare down my list this year but I think I failed. At least I didn't go crazy with ordering this year, most of my seed was from last year, seed trades and some self saved.

Most multiples of each crop will be planted together instead of planting an area with one variety so that will squeeze things in. I will also be planting three hanging baskets, three upside down buckets, a half barrel and probably a pot or two. These are things a seed addict has to do! The only things I foresee being a problem finding room for are bush beans and tomatoes.

Below is all the crops I am planning on growing this spring & summer. I did it up on Google Doc, ain't it fancy? I sometimes wonder what google doesn't done, from search to blogger to phones, they even harvest personal information....