Friday, February 19, 2010

Amaryllis Planting

A couple days ago I potted up the two varieties of Amaryllis that I have grown for a few years. Looking back on my blog I am little late, Last year I had them potted by Jan 9th. One bulb has a bud coming but the rest are not showing much signs of life. Time will tell what kind of show they put on this year. Last year they bloomed really well which you can see at the following link.


This year the bulbs have produced lots of little pups. In the past new bulbs have taken one full growing season to bloom. With this amount there should be lots of blooms next year.


Here they are all potted up. I gave them a really good drink and will place them in a south facing window. At this point I will just let them do their thing and not water again until they are actively grown or if they go bone dry. To much water at this point will make the bulbs rot. I will keep y'all posted on their progress this year.


  1. I hope they do well! I have about 20 started from seed. They've been growing a little slowly. I'm hoping I'll end up with some nice (possibly new varieties) flowers.

  2. Another great show again this year, I'm sure !

  3. I received an amaryllis bulb from my mother in law for Christmas which I planted and managed not to kill - and it bloomed beautifully for me. It has since finished up for the year.. but it was fun to grow it out. Never grown one before.

  4. You have some lovely colours there Dan.

  5. Aerelonian - Seeded ones will be interesting, hope you end up with a cool new variety.

    Miss M - I hope! One bulb looks a little suspect, hoping it looks better after it rehydrates.

    KitsapFG - They are nice to have around and really don't need alot of attention which I like. They do seem to have to have a rest though to re-bloom.

    Veg Heaven - Thanks. I'd like to have a few more but always seem to forget to order well they are available.

  6. Good luck with it. I've never tried growing them.

  7. Looks good! I have been growing amaryllis for years - or should I say, they have been growing for years in my garden without my care. I originally bought a 'Red Lion' bulb several years ago and forced it indoors in water. I then put it in a pot outdoors and forgot about it. The leaves turned yellow and shriveled away and it seemed gone for good.

    In May the following year, I noticed a huge red flower outside - the amaryllis. It has since returned every year.