Saturday, December 5, 2009

The seasons are a'changin

Starting yesterday there has been a pretty abrupt changing in the weather. The air is very cold and we even saw some snow flakes falling yesterday, thankfully nothing on the ground yet. Last night the temperature dropped to -8c (18f) with a thick frost and tonight is reported to be the same. This spells the end for the veggie garden for the season, only leaving the protected crops

The frost has started to migrate into the soil. The beds lowest on the the slope are the only ones freezing so far but it won't be long for the rest of them. Above is a close up of the frost, it has grabbed onto the top inch of soil producing a fine mass of thin ice crystals. (best viewed by clicking the image for the larger version)

Any area that has collected water is now frozen. The watering cans were turned over after this photo so they do not freeze solid and split. On Thursday I emptied all the hoses, brought them in and then I turned off all the spigots inside. Just in time this year!

Merlot Lettuce

Frosted Radish

Fall Broccoli


As you can see, all the crops were adversely affected by last nights freeze. The lettuce was ruined but I am okay with that because they had gone quite bitter from all the light frosts they endured. I did manage to salvage the other crops which I will show during Harvest Monday.

After taking out the last of the crops in the patch I ended up with some more gifts for the composter. Now the garden is bare of plants, only leaving season extenders and maple leaves.


  1. Now would be the time to hibernate, if only we could. ;)
    Speaking of which, we've had such a mild Nov, I've noticed the raccoons are still out and active. Weird !

  2. Wow, Dan...that's a really interesting picture of the frost reaching down into the soil...looks like something you find a school science book.

    Sorry to hear about your veggies...I didn't know that light frosts causes lettuce to grow bitter. Hopefully my lettuce won't get that way too soon. I would hate for all of them to go to waste.

    It's amazing how the weather can change drastically so quickly.

  3. I love the ice in the soil picture! We're expecting our first freeze tonight. Keep warm.

  4. We had our first freezes the past two nights and are heading into a deep freeze for a few days. Lows down into the low 20's. This will be the end of the lettuces and several other semi hardy crops here too.

  5. In Yorkshire we had our first frost last week. It has caused the oca foliage to collapse but that's a good thing. Now the starch will migrate to the tubers and I shall lift some for Christmas.

  6. We had 22 deg F last night but the lettuce and endive looks good this afternoon.

  7. We get a lot of that kind of ice in the soil too. It is so pretty.

    I forgot to turn my spigots off yesterday when I was doing my final clean up. I went and did them today.