Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2010 Veggie Patch Plan, Preliminary

With the season winding down plans for next seasons garden have been whirling in my mind. My main though was everything needs to be rotated because of this seasons blight problem. Last week I decided to do a preliminary plan on Paint to get all my thoughts on a hard copy before I forgot them. The plans below are basically how the garden will be laid out next year although I am sure a few things will change before spring planting. I may also do a raised triangular bed at the lower part of garden. This would tap out every available spot and would mean a few things will be moved around.

Lowest Beds

Lowest Beds Plan

Middle Beds

Middle Beds Plan

Top Beds

Top Beds Plan

New Bed Ideas

Above is a crude rendition of my new bed ideas for next season.
  • The square one in the top right is going to be a stone edged, amended native soil bed. It will happen next spring and will be used to grow about 16 potato plants. The little stone circle will stay, there is an existing 'Valentine' Rhubarb plant growing there.
  • The triangular-ish bed is a thought I have had since last season. This area receives good light from spring - mid summer but when the sun lowers it is almost 100% shade from the hedge. I have not decide if I will do this bed yet but the added space would be nice. The main draw is restricted access really, I will have to string it out first to see how intrusive it is. If it is installed, it will be a raised bed like the others, with triple mix to the depth of 16-18 inches.
You may also notice we have some white stuff on the ground. It came yesterday night and was our third dusting of the season. This snow should stick, our day time highs will below freeze for awhile. At least I don't have to clear it, yet....


  1. Yeah, it's time to start putting ideas on paper for the upcoming season. Mine was finished back in October, but will surely change a little bit before spring.

  2. One of the best parts of gardening has to be the planning. It's so exciting ! I can't wait to finalize the extension next Spring.

    You really are maximizing your space, Dan. I believe you were planning to ask the neighbors if you could trim down the hedge a little. Did you manage ?

  3. So organized. Well, I guess I have to get on it!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone

    Miss M - I can cut the hedge to any level. It's a fine line between light and not having to look at the neighbors junk from the couch. Right now the garden is full sun late winter-late summer. For good fall light I would have to pretty much cut it right down. I am willing to accept fall shade for screening, plus the birds like it.

  5. Darn it Dan! Now I have to go make me a plan!

    I'm usually one that just plant it and wait to see what happens Sometimes it turns out grate,

    sometimes not" I guess that's why some make plans!

    Your's long as if it will turn out nice! can't wait to see it in the spring!

  6. Wow, it's amazing how much you can fit into an urban garden. Good luck with our garden next year. Hopefully the growing season will be more favorable next year.

    I really need to plan my garden for next year. February will come sooner than we think!

  7. Looks fantastic - you are an inspiration!

  8. Super efficient lay out! Be sure to give the Cascadia sugar snap peas something to grow up on - they climb 3 to 4 feet and need support. Since you have them in front of the pole beans, I am assuming you would use branches for them or some other shorter support structure?

  9. I love that you've planned it out already. I haven't gotten around to that yet. I've got a lot of things I have to do and I've been procrastinating.

  10. I'm just biting my typing fingers, trying not to start planning my garden too early. I know if I do, I'll change it multiple times before spring!

    Dan, I'm going to send your Kellogg's Breakfast seeds this week. Would you like a few of the Quadrato Rosso D'Asti sweet red pepper seeds that performed super fantastic for me this summer? I have just enough for the two of us.

  11. Wow, You are planning already. I am so glad there are others like me out there. This year I had spring fever before Nov. It got that bad. But I think with it being so hectic at the moment, It has temporarily gone out of me.... Good luck on deciding on your new bed

  12. I was imagining that out there in Canada you had feet of snow! Just a few inches here has brought London to a halt!

  13. You're right you really are into planning! lol

  14. I love seeing your preliminary plans - and it's a good reminder to others that NOW is the time to start thinking about your Spring gardens! I look forward to seeing your ideas implemented next year!

  15. You're so well organized! I've only got some rough ideas in my head, but I keep forgetting what and where. After the holidays I need to start writing things down and make some decisions about just what I want to grow.