Saturday, December 12, 2009

The late crops made it

Today the temp went above freezing and everything rebounded pretty well. Here are some after shots:

Cold frame overview, the spinach & mache came through unscaved.

The red celery perked up. I did harvest 90% today though, it
will be prepped and froze for soups & stews this winter. I hope
what is left will survive the winter for a nice spring harvest.

Cedar poly tunnel overview. Everything else in the tunnel seemed
to handle the freeze well. Crops other then the celery are napa cabbage,
sugar loaf chicory, mizuna, romaine & green onions, all immature.

The chard came through so so. I harvested some today and will harvest
the rest before we get another cold snap. I will leave the plants in to over
winter though.

The leeks came through fine asides from a little floppiness. I hope
they are worth harvesting by late spring when they make way for peppers.

The half barrel crops are still alive as well. In the barrel is
oregano, parsley, thyme, sage & four full heart batavian.

It will be interesting to monitor the progress of these winter crops. Although the cold weather that just passed was very cold for this time of year it is pretty mild compared to what comes in Jan & Feb.


  1. Some crops just have more resilience than others - surprisingly so! It looks like the majority of your plants are going to be okay.

  2. So glad to see that most are ok.

  3. I just got really into cold frame gardening. I am glad to see a good example of it. I started too late to be able to implement it this year, but you give me hope.

  4. I wish I had taken before pics like you did because my winter veggies all rebounded's interesting to see them froze at 7 am and then back to the way they should be 3 hours later. Our temps are expected to drop done to single digits later this week though...we'll see how much more they can take.

    Also,we should definitely do some seed swapping this spring! Hopefully, I have some seeds that you will like!

  5. Last year I had a young Chinese cabbage live all winter long. Then in the spring it gave up the ghost. I think the freeze/thaws of spring were just too much for a weakened plant. Yours are much better protected than mine are though. I'm rooting for them.

  6. You continue to amazing. In the winter, you too grow food. This is very neat, I should try this.