Monday, October 5, 2009

Mondays Harvest

Long time no post, not that I have been particularly busy doing anything just haven't had much blogger gumption I guess. Last week we had the last half of our windows changed by a local company, I wish I had done them myself. They goofed the sashes, we ordered the top sashes 1/3 of the height and the bottom sashes 2/3 of the height to give them a more historic look. They ordered a 40/60 split so the new ones are out 2" compared to the first half we had installed. Thankfully they will change them at their cost but we now have to have the whole ordeal all over again, erg! Anyway onto the harvests already.

The weather has been pretty chilly lately, no frost yet so that is good news. Our first frost may be Oct 14th but that is based on the ever changing long term forecast, who knows? With the colder weather setting in I decided to harvest all the squash, melons & most tomatoes today. Now the only warm season crops left are a few tomatoes and a bunch of peppers that will be harvested shortly. Here is the veggie haul:

I harvested all the Vermont Cranberry Beans that were shared by The Conservative Gardener . I planted a whole row of these but unfortunately all rotted except two. But that's alright as now I have lots of seed for next year. I should have harvested a few of them a little sooner with the wet weather we have been having. I would say 90% of them are in good shape. I will share a photo of these when they are dried for comparison.

Well on the seed saving topic I harvested the cucumbers I left on for seed saving. The middle one looks perfect for seed but the ends ones might be a little under ripe still, I will leave them on the counter to ripen further. From what I have read you want the cucumbers to turn orange for seed saving.

Now for the squash, I harvested three delicata squash (seed shared by Skippy's Vegetable Garden ) and one large Red Kuri Squash. The big one will probably be pureed and I will keep the delicata's for roasting this fall/winter.

I brought in the last of the Jersey Devil paste tomatoes today, finally the last of them had started to turn color. I will combine these with the rest of the ones in the fridge & freezer and make salsa. Post to come about that soon.

A couple Purple Calabash tomatoes had just turned so I harvested them today. There is a few left that are still pretty green, I am hopefully they will turn soon. Last year I hastily ripped out all the tomatoes plants as soon as the weather turned colder and regretted it. This year I am leaving them in until they are dead and in turn am still harvesting a few tomatoes here and there, sounds good to me!

Finally I picked all the french melons that were a decent size. Here we have three Savor F1 and one Petit Gris (greener one). It has definitely been to cold for melons to do anything so I will allow these to ripen further in the house. I think they need more ripening, hard to tell with these french melons. I am looking forward to melon and prosciutto if they are any good.


  1. What a hassle having to re-do the windows. Argh !

    I never tire of seeing Cranberry beans, they're so lovely.
    The melons are looking great, too ! I think growing melon is quite an achievement, especially this year. Well done.
    I'm loving the Jersey Devils, they look so cool. And those squashes are perfect !
    Oh and how 'bout that lovely red lettuce coming up ! My romaine is not budging. I should've started another crop of red salad bowl, instead. Darn.

    Great harvest !

  2. I hope those melons ripen up for you. I love the close up of the Cranberry Beans. They are so pretty. Mine are more brown than yours. The pink color is really nice.

  3. That's a very nice harvest for the week, Dan! I really like that closeup of the bean, with it's cranberry striping. I hope your melons are tasty!

  4. Nice harvest, good that you're still getting healthy looking tomatoes. I just ripped out most of my plants today, except for one cherry.

  5. That bean just looks delightful sitting there waiting for her close up. Just fantastic.

  6. I'm sure your toms and melons will continue to ripen indoors Dan. Once they have started, the process usually continues.

  7. That's a beautiful bean! Sounds like you're still getting in lots of good produce. I think I'll try the delicata squash next year. They look good.

  8. Great haul on the veggies Dan. Big bummer on the windows. Grrrr!

  9. Nice looking beans, Dan. I'm salivating over your french melons. They look really good! Can't wait to grow them next year.

  10. What a great harvest! I've still got squash out on my plot but not expecting frost for a weeks yet so I'm going to risk leaving them where they are.