Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buttoning Up The Garden

I never did get around to covering up my season extenders so I did it this evening. I was a little late that's for sure, last week we had our first few light frosts and they should have been in place before that. Thankfully we have not had a hard frost yet so no damage was done to the fall veggies. This week the covers really are not needed because we have been have day time highs of 15-19c(59-66f) but they won't hurt them either.

Lets start with the cold frame before I put the top back on. To the left is Mache, the middle is Spinach and on the right side is some pitifully small Kale. I think I am also going to tuck some thyme & sage in bare spots soon.

Here it is all covered up. I originally installed the top with hinges without pins so removing the top involves unscrewing it. I think I will be adding hinges with pins soon to make the task a little easier.

Now the poly tunnel in its current state. Some things are growing very well and others are lagging a bit. I am hoping the added warmth of the cover will make things grow a little fast. The poly tunnel has red celery, napa cabage, sugar loaf chicory, mizuna, black & china rose radish and green onions growing in it.

and of course here it is covered up, I bet you didn't see that coming. ;-)

Lastly here is a nasturtium that has endured through the frosts. I have seen a hummingbird sipping from the flowers a few days ago. I was surprised to see them around still, they must be migrating soon.


  1. Ya know...I think you wrote this post just for my lack of sanity....God I love those season extenders of yours... -whimper- It kills me to look at them!

  2. Down here in Georgia (USA), we've also had our first light frost, and I've covered one bed of greens with a little tunnel that my H made last winter. The lettuce is lagging, because it nearly drowned (the spinach actually died) in the 30 inches of rain we've had in the last month, but the cilantro looks great.

    However, your season extenders are giving me ideas...

    I am grateful for every little bit of food that I get from my yard, but maybe next year I can get even more.

    Thanks for the post!

    -Amy, NW of Atanta

  3. We've had nasturtium killin' frosts here and I still haven't plastic wrapped the garden. Time to get a moving! (I tell myself). Your greens are looking lovely.

  4. Still so much to come, Dan. Everything is looking great !
    I'm amazed the hummingbirds are still around. Hinges with pins sounds good or maybe removable hinges could do too ? Your broccoli plants at the back are massive. Mine never got to that stage so it's interesting to see how big they get. Are they all done now ?

  5. EG - Glade you like them. Can't wait to see what yours look like.

    agwh - 30" of rain in a month is crazy, that is alot of rain! Happy I can offer some ideas for your garden and good luck with your garden next season.

    Ottawa Gardener - I'm still waiting on the hard frost, it usually comes anytime from the end of Oct to the middle of Nov. Maybe it won't come this year.... :-)

    Miss M - I'm thinking of getting your typical door hinge, the ones that are on now have a fixed pin. I have picked most of the broccoli. There is a few small side shoots coming still but the plants are not doing much currently. Last year the broccoli lived until the end of Nov so we will see if they get growing again.

  6. That cold frame and your poly tunnel are truly "things of beauty"! Those plants are bound to be happier with the protection.

    I need to move the swiss chard plants (in containers) into the greenhouse this weekend. It is time.

  7. Love those coldframes. The plants look all buttoned up for sure.

  8. Anytime you want you can come visit and make me one of those frames ;>. They look beautiful.

  9. Every time I come home after a garden tour I start getting new ideas for my own garden. Your blog gave me some new idea too.

  10. Thanks for the update; I'm extending my outdoor gardening season vicariously through your (and Thomas's) blog.

    The nasturtiums growing in a container on my back porch are kaput. But I've noticed quite a few still in bloom in the ground at the community garden.

  11. Dan, I LOVE your season extenders. Did you build them yourself? If so, you have you even done a post on their design? If so, I'd love to go searching.

    I particularly like the polytunnel design, the cover seems to fit nice and tight.

  12. There is something wrong with my grammar today. What I meant to say was, if you've done a post on how to construct these season extenders, I'd love to see it! :)

  13. Dan, you are quite the carpenter! Thanks for forwarding to me your posts! I'd eventually like to make some cold frames once I can get my hands on some old windows.

    I look forward to reading about polytunnel this winter. Hopefully mine will hold up.

  14. It's so cool to see what you do with such limited space.