Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm Back

I am back home now, I wish I could have stayed longer but I guess a week is long enough. It was a great get away, lots of relaxing and nature viewing. This was the first time I had gone north in the winter and it was surprisingly enjoyable even with the cold. It was also my first visit to the Bruce Peninsula and it is one amazing area.

The area was once part of a shallow warm sea some 450 million years ago. The results of this has left the peninsula with masses of sedimentary rock and ancient reef structures. In the warmer months the area can be mistaken for a tropical region with it's clear green/blue water and reef rock. The area contains 44 wild orchid species and is also a great place to see fossils.

Marcia of Birds, Blooms, Books, etc, said she was interested in visiting the area so I thought I would share the company that books cottages in the area. We used Ontario Cottage Rentals which represents both the renter and the cottage owner. They list numerous cottages and have lots of photos that make it a much easier decision.

Now for some photos. I have way too many photos for one post so I will post some photos I took at the cottage today. I will then post some photos I took in the area next week. I also have an amaryllis post coming up and I will be planting onions very soon. Finally some veggies to blog about soon!

the cottage from another angle

the deck

the driveway

cottage shoreline at sunrise

cottage shoreline in the fog

the windstorm, it created huge waves close to 5' high which
then froze on the shoreline

cottage shoreline after the windstorm

cottage shoreline after the windstorm

ice capped rock

Another cottage shoreline shot

snowy seed pod. i'm not sure of what type of shrub this is, maybe Tina knows?

snowy spruce tree

wild strawberry on the shoreline

red-breasted nuthatch.


  1. Those are some nice pics, Dan. I'd love to get away like that, but I don't know about handling the


  2. So glad you had a relaxing vacation Dan. It looks beautiful, especially the sea picture.

  3. Dan, do you sell your photographs? If you don't you should, each and every one is a work of art.


  4. Annie's Granny....I have told him that forever...maybe he will listen to you... :)
    They are great shots Dan. It was a very relaxing week. ...

  5. EG - You just put a winter hat & coat on and try not to think how cold you are. It does work too for a little while.

    Tina - Thanks

    Granny - I have never sold a photo but I have given a few away. I'm glade you enjoy my photos!

    Parsec - Thanks

    Hendria - maybe one day I will cash in big!

  6. What a beautiful spot to vacation at.
    Your photos as usual beauiful , love the wildness of the lake during the wind storm and the ice covered shore.
    Looking forward to the next installment.

  7. I love your shoreline at sunrise photo! Looks like a great place to spend vacation!

  8. How beautiful! it is like a winter wonderland. I didn't know you left but I am glad that you had a wonderful time. Vacations never seem to last long enough. My sister came home for Christmas from Oregon, and the time just flew on by! Hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year!

  9. Ah, those photographs are awesome!

  10. Beautiful Pics Dan! Thanks for sharing!