Monday, January 26, 2009

What's Growing Under My Growlight

First I have a correction to make. Well cleaning the basement over the weekend I found a fluorescent light package. It stated a 48", 40 watt, cool white fluorescent bulb is 3200 lumens. The information that I found previously said they are 500 lumens, big difference. So the correct amount of bulbs to replace the one 400 watt metal halide is 11.25 bulbs. Just thought I would clarify and I will edit my previous post.

Now that the exciting part is done.... I have hauled all the plants out of the spare room upstairs and they are now soaking up the artificial sun in the basement. Everything looks a little stretched at the moment. They should perk up now that they are in the much cooler basement with stronger light.

Currently under the light is 2 banana trees, lemon tree, assortment of succulents & agaves, many geranium and other annual cuttings, foxtail fern, orchid cactus, passion fruit vine, bougainvillea and my onion seedlings.

I have a lemon growing that is about twice the size of a golf ball. The lemon tree is a variegated pink lemon and this will be the first time it has developed a fruit. Does anyone know how long it takes for a lemon to develop, under less then idea conditions?

These geraniums have a bit of a funny story. We had gone waterfalling in Hamilton one evening last summer. We left the waterfall at dusk and headed home. Well at a stop light we looked over and saw a mass planting of these in the center median. We then pulled over and I ran out into the center of a 6 lane road, in the dark and scooped a couple cuttings. Isn't it a cool geranium? I had never seen anything like it before.

I still have a few to do's in my grow area. I have to install one more adjustable shelf between the two banana's to get a couple plants off the floor. I have to prune the annual cuttings and spread them out so they are not shading each other. I also have to get a new bulb for my light. I think this will be the fifth season I have ran the light and they need to be change before they burn out. Red Icculus was telling me that they start losing lumens after 6 months so it is about time to re-bulb.


  1. It looks great Dan. Got a question for you, can you send some energy my way? I have lots that needs to be done and you doing all this works just makes me realize it even more. Some energy please??

  2. ha, thanks funny. I am actually pretty lazy, it takes me forever to do anything. The plants always seem to get a good amount of attention though. My endless to do list for household fixes on the other hand doesn't get so much attention.

  3. A man after my own heart. I've "rescued" a few plants in my time, but never had to cross a six-lane highway to do it.

  4. Those variegated geraniums are beautiful and you have quite the story to go with them. Thanks for the shoutout!

  5. Banana trees? Citrus trees? Come on man! Stop fighting it and just move to Florida!

  6. Ooo you're bad. I remember taking ornamental sweet potato vine cuttings from a medium planter. Nice coleus cuttings. Works with coleus too...

  7. But you forgot to tell them we did it twice.... the first ones did not take root. Photos are great.. :)
    Oh yeah, and the police that came around the corner just as we got to the center medium.... to pick them. LOL

  8. Hendria, Twice?
    Dan you are a brave soul to cross a 6 lane road not once but twice! Hey, looks like the trot was well worth it though. tee hee. Always travel in two’s then one can watch for the police as the other plucks... lol....

    Dan, I received a nice envelope in the mail today! Thanks a million! I need to get my trays out now and get to work….

  9. Cheryl - I'm such a bad ass :-)

    Red Icculus - Your welcome for the link, I will add you to my blog roll as well.

    Conservative Gardener - It would be great to move to Florida. It gets more and more tempting every time we get a blast of frigid air.

    Ottawa Gardener - Lets just call it volunteering our pruning skills.

    Hendria - Oh yeah, I forgot about that part.

    Skeeter - Yes I actually did it twice as the first time they did not root. It was very late in the season and they had already been hit by frost. I was lucky the second ones rooted.

    Glade to hear your seeds arrived, keep me posted. I bet they will grow great for you.

  10. Nice clean indoor gardening spot you've got there, and you've certainly got enough light for it.

    I'm the same way... I always find time for the plants but everything else seems to stack up.

  11. Hydroponica - Thanks, it is a great winter escape to have things growing in the basement.