Sunday, December 28, 2008

A post from the Bruce Peninsula

We made it to the cabin although the drive was not the greatest. We left late due to all the snow I had to clear at home before we left. The drive was rainy & foggy for the most part, then followed by wet snow and 60km/h wind gusts once we enter the peninsula. We arrived in the dark and after some confusion as to which number we belonged at I shoveled out what the plow left use and we drove in.

We came into a warm cabin with a wood stove that was already set up for a fire. With the strike of a match the week of relaxation began. It is a great setting, it is in the woods and is set back about 30' from the lake. The living room has a high cathedral ceiling with large picture windows viewing the lake.

The weather has been kind of crazy since we arrived. The first day it snowed about 4". The next day the temperature went well above freezing and it rained melting almost all the snow. Today a cold front blew through with 100 km/h (62m/h) wind gust which created some massive waves on the lake. It has actually been rather interesting to see and photograph so many weather events in such a short time frame.

Here are a few pictures I have taken on the first couple days well there was still a lot of snow on the ground. I will post more photos once I get back home of after the snow melted and what ever else mother nature throws at use.

Home for the week

The board walk to the lake

The aftermath of a days fire

Ice on the rock

The road in after the snow storm


  1. Looks like an ideal vacation to get away from it all. Enjoy it all! Even the snow-gotta make some snow angels for sure.

  2. Beautiful photos as usual, Dan! Thank you for sharing, I'm looking forward to more.

  3. Dan - My wife and I would love a remote getaway like that....with cozy fire and all. I hope you have a good trip.


  4. Tina - it is a nice get away and a great landscape.

    Granny - I will be getting some more photos up by Jan 2nd.

    EG - Thanks. It is the perfect time to get away, it is the off season and everything is half price!

  5. I bookmarked your link to The Bruce peninsula. It sounds like a place we'd like to go someday. Hope you had a good vacation there.

  6. That looks like the perfect get away! Let me know next and I will go with you! lol... Happy new year!

  7. Those are great photos, and the cabin looks cozy! What a beautiful lake, too!

  8. Marcia - I hope you make it there some day, it is a great area to explore.

    Organic Gardener - If you can travel on top of our luggage you are more then welcome to come :-)

    Parsec - Not only is the lake great is it designated as one of the Great Lakes in the area. I bet it is even better when it is warm too!