Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Veggies Update

Two posts in a row, must be a new record for my blog. I am posting again so soon because I have some exciting news. Last night, Jan 26th at about 11pm I noticed my first two onion sprouts. This is very exciting and extremely fast, it only took 5 days for them to start sprouting. I have started plants from seed since I was about 7 or 8 years old and it is still exciting to observe. Today there is all kinds of onions popping up in the 'Prince' storage onion pot but no sign of any 'Armador' shallots yet.

Taken Jan 26th at 11pm

Taken Jan 27th at 8pm

I have also done a bit of work in the veggie patch over the weekend. Those huge icicles overhanging my coldframe really started to freak me out so I had to do something about it. I got all bundled up, grabbed my shovel and ice scraper and proceeded to un-capsulate the coldframe. After I had all the snow and ice off, I then ripped down some plywood and covered up the glass. Now I can relax that my coldframe will make it through the winter without shattering. Next year I will definitely be relocating it.

I also snapped a few shots of the little bit of life that exists currently:

The wrapped brussels sprouts.

Looking inside they are still green, that is a
good sign. In a few months maybe I will be
eating some spring brussels sprouts.

Lastly I noticed the sage was peaking out
of the snow. It sure is one tough plant.


  1. Since 7 or 8 years old?! Dang, why'd I wait so long? I'm a rookie at 42 and regret not starting sooner. I'm having a blast now though!

  2. can i trade you some snow for our heatwave? Maybe it could even things out.

    So glad to know that the excitement of starting veggies from seed NEVER wears off!

  3. Conservative Gardener - Gardening is a great hobby. The one side of my family is Dutch so I guess it is in my blood.

    Siskelkk - That would be a great trade if it would work, the cold is really starting to get old.

  4. That's great on the onions, Dan! Hope they do well for you....Those giant icicles would freak me out too..hee hee


  5. I've never grown onions from seeds - I always use sets. The seedling coming through look just like leeks don't they?

  6. Very exciting. Won't be long and you'll be planting them out.

  7. You sound like a proud papa to those onions! It is so exciting to see a seed pop its head out of the soil in the form of a sprout. Speaking of sprouts, you will be eating them before long! I cannot believe they are still so lush and green. And you can have some fresh herbs with them…

  8. Ops, forgot to say, I am glad you covered up the cold-frame. That one was a bit worrisome. Now I will sleep better tonight. :-)

  9. EG - Now all I have to do is whip up some kind of icicle whacking pole. There is always something to build it seems

    Liz - They do look just like leeks. I am thinking of try both seeded onions and sets this year to see what does the best.

    Tina - It is exciting, now I just have to nurse them along until I can plant them out.

    Skeeter - I am hoping I can pick sprouts in April if they do make it through the winter. Hmm, sage and brussels sprouts might actually be pretty good now that I think about it. I am much happier as well that the coldframe is protected.

  10. I'm envious that you'll possibly get brussel sprouts in the spring, and of your energy to plant in the winter in general.
    Sage is a very hardy herb. We had a "sage bush" in our old community garden plot that we never cut back. It started to grow bark! But we couldn't save it for the new plot.