Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stepanie Falls

A few days ago I visited Stephanie Falls in Ancaster, Ontario. I first saw it on the Hamilton: City of Water Falls group on Flickr. It took two trips to find because it is not public property so there for there are no trail markings. The first visit we were way off where it was and the second visit we managed to find the right spot after further discussion with a fella on Flickr.

On the first trip we came across two ladies one looked to be in her 60's and the second looked to be in her 40's. We used their map to see if we could find the falls we were looking for but it was not much help. Then they told use that they have been hiking for four hours and this is not a flat trail. You are hiking up 70 feet or more and then back down and it just continues like this. It was getting close to dusk and I figured they were lost. We kept an eye on them and when they came out by our truck they realized they had no idea where they were. I got out my map to see how far their car was and then we drove them back to their car. If they had to walk back, it would have taken them at least 1.5 hours to walk back by the road. It was a good thing we found the wrong trail that day or they would have been lost in the woods in the dark.

Upper part of Stephanie Falls

Full View of Stephanie Falls

Down Stream from Stephanie Falls

Down Stream from Stephanie Falls


  1. The ladies were lucky you found them for sure. The falls are beautiful and great you found them-on your second trip. The owners do not mind visits? I bet the sound was so awesome and soothing.

    On the honeybee hive I thought the brown was all the bees. I really could not tell. Truly I thought they were all congregating there. I am glad you clarified that when you said you saw only two bees. Wonder what happened to it? I wouldn't think people would mess with it but maybe a bear or animal? Mystery for sure.

  2. I'm not sure if the owner would be that fond of visitors. Some developer owns it and has his estate on the land with a lot of forest around it. The falls is over a mile from the house and is the first falls which is following by two other public falls down the stream. From what I have read they are trying to get public access to the falls.

    I think the brown on the hive is mostly larvae, pollen and some honey. I think a raccoon must have gotten to it because if a human did the damage they would have been stung pretty bad even with very few bee's left.

  3. I always say things happen for a reason. You were at the right place at the right time for those two ladies lost in the woods...

    Great pictures of the falls! I just love the feeling of being near such beautiful places...

    Hey, your bee hive must have really been working in my mind. I had a dream two nights ago about finding a bee hive such as yours in the old house I grew up in. I woke up laughing at that one... lol I bet Yogi Bear got the honey! :)

  4. Gorgeous photography, as usual. Makes me wish I could be there...lots prettier than sand and cacti.

  5. skeeter - I had a dream when I was younger that I woke up to a hornet nest in the corner of the room, totally freaked me out.

    granny - I would imagine there is not may waterfalls in the desert but beauty can be found in all places.