Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Daffodil Varieties & How To Plant Them

Well ordering the muscari for the front lawn I also picked up some daffodils. I have a good variety of daf's around the yard and I have also under planted the 70 or so feet of hedge with them. I prefer planting them over other spring bulbs because they are basically care free and the squirrels don't bother with them. This year I added the following varieties.

Double Daffodil Duo - Mix of 'Replete' & 'White Lion'

Daffodil 'Green Pearl'

Daffodils should be planted 4-6 inches apart to allow for future bulb development and 3 times their depth deep or about 8 inches. They do best in full sun but I have also grown them in pretty shady condition but blooms numbers will be hampered. Planting times for daffodils is anytime in the fall when the ground can be worked.

The only other thing to consider with daf's is they get pretty ugly when the blooms are finished and the leaves have to be left alone until they yellow and die back. I just live with the ugliness but some suggest planting daffodils with peonies or daylillies so the foliage is masked within the developing plants.


  1. Those are very pretty daffs! I love these guys and plant them all the time. I think I am planting too shallowly though:( Thanks for the info Dan.

  2. I dont seem to have luck with them down here. I wonder if like Tina, I am planting too shallow. Hummmm, something to think about...

  3. tina & skeeter - I'm not sure if the depth is deeper up here due to the cold or not. Planting them high may retard development due to dehydration.