Sunday, November 23, 2008

Naturalizing Muscari Bulbs in the Front Lawn

****Two posts tonight so check below****

Every since we moved to our current home I have thought our tiny front lawn would be a great candidate for naturalizing bulbs. After a few years of procrastination as well as a good amount of indecisiveness I finally decided on Muscari. They are a very early bloomer, they are a small plant and should disappear the fastest in the spring making way for the lawnmower.

I picked up about one hundred Muscari 'Magic Carpet Mix' bulbs from veseys and purchased them at 50% off because it is the end of the season. I guess most folks don't like to be out digging in the snow.

My first step was to plan ahead, this is a concept I am just starting to master. In the spring we want to expanded the front perennial border a bit, changing the shape from a straight line to a curve. We also want to put in a stone path for access to the side yard. So I laid down string in the shape of the new layout and spray painted lines into the lawn. Now I won't be digging up the bulbs next spring.

I then took a narrow trowel and cut 3 inch plugs out of the lawn that are about 3 inches deep. The plugs were spaced about 6 inches in all directions. Once I dug all one hundred holes I then placed a bulb in each one and tamped the grass plug back in the hole. Now I have to play the waiting game until spring and hope the squirrels behave. I will update in March/April when they are blooming.


  1. I was just thinking that the squirrels in my yard would really like that you loosen up the soil for them to have a snack! Those pesky cute critters... argggg. These should be a nice bright spot next spring.

    I will be off for a while but just want to wish you and your Family a Happy Thanksgiving. I dont even know if you celebrate this in Canada but still, wanted to wish you a happy day anyway....

  2. Skeeter - Thanks. We have our Thanksgiving on Oct 13th in Canada. It's not as big of a deal in Canada but most do celebrate the holiday. I was in Algonquin for our Thanksgiving so dinner was via microwave.

    Hope your break and holiday goes well.