Monday, July 7, 2008

Romaine harvest with critters

With my romaine grown from transplants in the compost because of poor quality I am on to eating the romaine that was direct sown. It is doing great but I think we need to get eating, with the heat starting to really roll in on a regular bases I think it may not hold up much longer.

I harvested a large head yesterday for dinner and noticed that romaine is a good candidate for insects homes. The head had at least 12 ear wigs taking residence and I am glade I noticed before bringing them into the house. I de-steamed the leaves, shook all the little buggers off, then took it in the house and gave it a really good wash and spin dry. A salad spinner certainly comes in handy in a home garden because veggies from the garden are defiantly not as clean as from the grocery store. Although I would take bugs and dirt over pesticides any day!

I have also capture more shots of wild life in my yard. The first being an Orange Crane Fly that was resting on one of the pole bean leaves. These look like monster mosquitoes but to the best of my knowledge have no relation. The last two are of a Black Capped Chickadee that has been checking out a couple bird houses in the backyard perennial garden. These are rather interesting birds to watch and will readily eat right out of your hand although I have yet to try this, I really don't have the patients.


  1. The romaine looks so delicious. When my lettuce was reaching its end, all kinds of critters and slugs (gross) started to crawl in the head. I think I'll try romaine next year or later in the fall. Delicious!!! and great color.

  2. oh this is so grt!!!
    i hv been trying to grow romaine since last yr, but it never works... i think i got the bad seeds pack...

    its wonderful! n my fav!

  3. the romaine was fresh....I never grew romaine in the garden... ;)

  4. That is some gorgeous romaine you've got there. I'd like to try to grow some, but being about two zones south of you, I worry that it would bolt too soon. I think I've seen some in my community garden, so it probably can be done.

  5. DP- Thanks

    Zahra Ali - maybe you should try a different variety of romaine. I am going to try Flashy Trout Back Romaine from Johnny's this fall, it is green with red specks.

    Hendria - It was really good

    Sally - You should try to grow it in the fall or maybe even during the winter under row cover.