Monday, July 14, 2008

Lots of garden drudgery today

Today was a wonderful summer day, just warm enough, hardly any clouds and a nice breeze. I took advantage of this good weather to do garden chores like trimming the monster hedge, cutting the lawn on the diagonal (yes I am nuts) and clean out the shred that has gotten to the point that you could not even enter anymore. I also picked up a new grill last weekend that has a rotisserie so I made rotisserie chicken today, mm rotisserie chicken.

Not alot to update in the vegetable garden, it is just growing. I am going to harvest the remaining peas tonight and compost the plants.

The cucumbers and what I hope is zucchini are getting male flowers so I think female flower/veg will follow suit.

I have been watching the tomatoes daily, patiently waiting to harvest them. Next year I am defiantly going to start the tomatoes earlier so when it is time to plant them out they already have flowers forming, possible using a cold frame to get them out even sooner.

I have composted the broccoli plants making sure to smash up the thick stems so they readily break down.

I have also attached some more insect photos, the first being a Monarch Butterfly taken on the bike trail near our home and the last being a pair of Cabbage Butterfly that are make more caterpillars to eat my brassica's.


  1. Your garden looks like its growing beautifully. The pictures of the butterflies are very nice! Won't be long until your veggies are ready for picking.

  2. That really is a gorgeous garden, I love the pictures.