Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Floating Row Cover Arrived

Canada Post delivered my floating row cover this morning, rather quickly too. I placed the order Friday night and it arrived Tueday morning, it traveled 1,800km(1,118miles). Although I have never used floating row cover it is suppose to be a great product. It can be used to fend off insects, keep the heat off crops as well as extend your growing season by retaining heat and protecting from frost. I purchased this product from Veseys which is a garden supply company from Prince Edward Island, Canada. It was the most reasonable and one of the few places I could even find this stuff.

I first saw the use of this product on Tiny Farm Blog which is a CSA farm located north of Toronto, Ontario. They offer a very informative and interesting blog to follow. I copied the image below from their page and it shows that the eggplants bit the bust from not being covered, well the neighbouring peppers are growing fine due to the floating row cover.


  1. Wow, cool! I hope it works and protects your veggies from the cold.

  2. It kind of looks like cheesecloth.
    Hope it works for you…

  3. Looks interesting - I hope you keep tabs on this for us, I'd like to see how it works for you.

  4. Hehe did it float all the way to you? Ok, just had to say that. Hope it works! I wonder if touching the leaves will be a problem with frost. I'm careful to use stakes to hold up my plastic.

  5. dp/skeeter- I hope it works as well, the cabbage flies made swiss cheese of my brussel sprouts

    basementjungle- Welcome to my blog! I will defiantly keep everyone posted on it.

    Sin- thankfully I don't have to worry about frost for a couple months still. I will have to look into if it should be touching the leaves. I was planing on using wire to make loops and stretching it over them. In the photo by tiny farm blog it looks like it is right on the plants, maybe I will drop them a line and see what they suggest.