Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

In reading SFG in Nashville I found out that it is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day which was started by May Dreams Gardens. I thought, I have lots of plants that are in flower so why not jump on the wagon and join in. Now brace yourself because there are alot of photo's, enough to cramp my hand for shrinking the images, darn laptop mouse thing.


The Window Box

Clematis, although not a flower but a seed pod. I think it is just as attractive.


Shasta Daisy



Lemon tree under planted with geraniums with the urns in the background. A lemon tree in a pot that says lemon, who would have thunk it?


Sea Holly with lady's Mantel in the background

Liatris, just starting to bloom




Gooseneck Loosestrife



Dwarf Bougainvillea


  1. Wow, your flowers are so pretty. I especially love the daisies and the window box.

  2. I love your flowers. The salvia looks interesting. I have a new pink one I am looking forward to seeing flower.

    Your shasta looks like the thick one, they do very well on hot days don't they, and last for ages.

    I love astilbe, I haven't had one for ages, and have a pond now, so thinking about getting a new one.

    Thanks for pointing out the lemon writing lol.

    Love hollyhocks, and should try hard to get some sea holly and lady's mantle.

    Two plants there I haven't seen, and everyone loves daylilies don't they?

  3. I found a place to buy astilbe online, thanks so much.

  4. Skeeter - Thanks

    DP - I changed the window box this year from a skinny one in the previous years to a much wider one this year. It has really paid off and it needs much less watering with the extra soil.

    Linda - I am glade you enjoy my photos. The salvia in the photo is a different variety then most you see. I found it at the Royal Botanical Garden Plant Sale in Hamilton, Ontario.

    The Shasta Daisy is the thicker plant, I have had the wildish one in the past and it always seem to get weedy looking. After seeing these studier ones in professional landscapes I found one and put it in.

  5. Thunk!!That is pretty overload. It all looks so great. I like the idea of the lemon tree underplanted with flowers. I forget to do that with shrubs and trees, mostly planting flower beds.

  6. Wow, all of your flowers are really pretty. Great blog!

  7. Wow! You have alot in the garden. I like all except for the gooseneck. In our neck of the woods it is very invasive-though pretty. I especially like the veronicastrum. I am currently visiting Maine and see it growing wild here, but not in Tennessee. I love it so much and your astilbes are to die for.

  8. Eve - underplanting is especially nice when the tree is in a pot. I also have a Japanese maple that is under planted with campanula although they are not filling in as much as I would like. Here is a link of an under planted pot that you may be interested in: underplanting link

    John - Thanks for stopping by

    Tina - We defiantly have too many plants, moving here from a Condo we kind of went hog wild with perennial borders and now are paying the price with lots of weeding. The Loosestrife can be a problem here as well but the Gooseneck is not as invasive as the Purple Loosestrife. I am also a fan of the Veronicastrum and really like how the leaves grow in a circle around the stem.

  9. That's quite a show of blooms. It is amazing the variety of bloom I'm seeing in all the different bloom day posts, yet we all have one thing in common... a lot of blooms in July.

    Thanks for joining in!
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens