Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pea harvest

I picked a third of the peas yesterday and they tasted great. I have never liked peas mainly because I have only eaten frozen ones that always seem to have a grey taste. Fresh from the garden they are sweet and have a bite almost like al dente pasta.

I just boiled them for a couple minutes, drained and then added butter, salt & pepper to the pot. Then served with lemon, thyme chicken from the grill. It was very tasty and healthy. There is about two more pickings left on the plants and then I am going to replace them with turnip that will be ready to harvest in the fall/early winter.

I also have another insect shot from the yard, this time it is an orange spider. It seems to be the time to find orange insects around my house, what are the odds of that? It is making a web between the front porch post and the window box on the railing.


  1. Oh! Those peas look delicious. Cam and I were late in planting the peas. we waited until june to plant them, but sadly they died because of the heat and lack of water. We planted beans instead, but those peas looked yummy. I could eat them raw, probably. Chicken looks yummy too!

  2. We had a really cool spring here and the peas took as while to get going. I don't think it is common to be picking peas in July here. I am hoping next year we have a normal spring so it does not delay the crop that is going in next. Oh if you could only control the weather.

  3. I always had problems harvesting beans and peas... only half of them seem to make it inside. The house, that is.

    The other mysteriously vanish.

    The stuff in the supermarket is just not the same thing you pick in the garden.

  4. So peas don't continue to produce? Once they are completely harvested they're done? Who knew? If that's the case I need to plant a TON more next year.

  5. How did you learn how to grow such an amazing garden? I want to learn so bad, but I think I would just kill everything.

    You inspire me.

  6. Sin - I am not 100% sure if they are completely done after you pick them clean but I think it has more to do with heat. They don't like to grow in really hot weather, in your climate they may do better then mine which is heat zone 4, thanks for filling me in on the heat zone thing by the way.

    If you want more peas you could also plant them in late summer to have a fall crop. I am thinking about doing this if I can find the room.

  7. Leighann - I have gardened my whole life basically, there is a picture of me running around with a hose in a diaper. I also have learnt a lot from books as well as garden programs, well that is when they actually had informative gardening shows on the tube. My parents also had vegetable gardens well I was growing up that I helped with.

    You should try gardening, plants are pretty tough and as long as they get water they will survive.