Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost Finished Planting

First I will update on the kitty. It is still sitting on my lap and so far has been very mellow and healthy. We have been calling her Charlie. It was my mom's idea and google tells me girls can be called Charlie. Thanks for all the name ideas though! I have searched online for lost cats and e-mailed the local shelter and no one is looking for a cat like this. With it being under 6lbs and all scratched up I am guessing it has not had a home for a while. So it would appear we have a pet, first pet in at least 5 years.

Now onto the planting. I have put in lots of things the last few days. The weather has cooled down from the scorcher we had the last few weeks which has made outdoor work very pleasant. The first thing I will update on is all the tomatoes that I planted.

Here is the main bed of tomatoes, 12 are growing in this spot, all different varieties which I will list below. They are kind of close so I will have to keep up with pruning. Strictly one vine per plant and it will be secured to the bamboo canes.

This is the early tomato that I planted beside the bean trellis. It was not started all that early so it is not the largest. It is flower already though so I am hoping for some tom's in 30days.

I am also trying two upside down tomatoes in 5gal buckets. I drilled large holes in the bottom and planted the tomato with a foam disk around the stem to hold the soil in. I also drilled small holes around the perimeter for drainage. Further detail about the disk can be found at this link.

The last of the tomatoes are a group of three paste tomatoes planted at the top of the garden. They will be tied to sticks as they grow. Here is the long list of tomatoes I am growing this year, one of each pretty much:
  • Pink Berkley Tye Die (from Judy last year)
  • Variegated Tomato (from Ottawa Gardener last year)
  • Brandywine, Suddath's Strain
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Giant Belgium
  • Japanese Trifele Black
  • Kellogg's Breafast (from Granny)
  • Monomakh's Hat
  • Mortgauge Lifter
  • Old Time Red & Yellow
  • Purple Calabash
  • Jersey Devil
  • Martinos Roma
  • Black Cherry
  • Green Zebra
  • Sungold
  • Velvet Red
  • Siletz
A short row of buttercrunch lettuce went in. Love this stuff!

Still in the lettuce department I planted a couple Iceburg
lettuce plants from seed shared by Alex. I am guessing they
grow large so I only planted two.

Lastly a row of Red Celery was planted. I grew this last fall
and liked it. It will be the first time trying it in the summer.

Now all that is left to plant are Cucumbers, Squash, Melons. There also is a few annuals left to put in and red scallions. I'm getting tired of planting.... time to enjoy from the patio!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Charlie is settling in well. It's amazing how these sweet kitties find us. My black cat Hank found us the same way and is now perfectly at home with us, he's a really sweet guy.

    That's an impressive bunch of tomatoes that you've got planted. I've grown lot's of different varieties, but only claim to have tried 6 from your list. I'm curious to see how well your topsy-turvy tomatoes do, I've heard people have had all different sorts of success with that method.

    You're almost done, one last push and you'll be sipping a cool drink on the patio!

  2. We did upside down tomatoes last year and they did great. We were going to do them in 5 gal buckets like yours, but when we got around to making the buckets, the plants were way too big to put in, so they got upright self-watering buckets instead. We'll see how they do.

  3. I love the name Charlie! It's perfect and subdue, just like the cat.

    I'm so interested to see if the lettuce makes a head for you. It never has for me in all of the times I've tried it.

  4. I think the kitty looks nice. Everyone needs a pet to take with them to the garden.
    It's gonna be interesting to see how the upside down tomatoes do for you, I tried them once, and never again!

  5. Congrats on the new kitty and getting your garden in. Now you can breathe a big sigh of relief, as I am sure Charlie is doing now that she found a wonderful home.

  6. Congratulations on your new pet!

    I am also curious to see how your upside down tomatoes will do. Good luck with them, it definitely looks like a good space saving method.

  7. Your circular tomato supports look excellent. I make do with tying to a cane but it's not half as elegant!
    Charlie is short for Charlotte - my favourite potato!

  8. Charlie is such a pretty kitty.

    Your garden looks good too. I'm curious to see how you make out with the upside down tomatoes.

  9. I am so happy you adopted this cat - Oh and your garden looks good too.

  10. Hopefully you'll be done soon! Everything looks great!

  11. Charlie is just too fine! All gardens need a garden cat.... yours is now complete!

    You are making great progress with the garden planting up process. My red celery planted from the seed you sent me is growing well so far and I am anxious to try it soon.

  12. Its wonderful to see the types and quantities of what your planting! Are you free from the veggie market all summer long? This is my long term goal, but I'm still learning (ie making tons of mistakes) so I'll need to supplement for a little while longer.

  13. Kitty!!! I think I finally have a plot in a community garden. It seems like it's going to be a cool summer here in Vancouver. What would you recommend? I'm thinking spinach, chard, orach, pak choi. What else would be good?

  14. Charlie is a great name and suits her perfectly ! I'm so glad you took her in. :D

    Your TT's might not have been a hit but at least you salvaged the disks. I used some landscape fabric to hold the soil in my 5 gal's last year but those disks are smart and reusable. I think I'll get some foam and make a few.

  15. I really feel like Summer is on the way when I plant out my tomatoes. You have some great supports there! I just manage some old bamboo canes, but the Sungold in particular, grow nearly 8ft tall!

  16. I love Charlie's green eyes! She's a very pretty cat.

  17. Lovely cat! Glad to see she's settled in!

  18. Congrats on your new friend Charlie! I have a stray cat and she is one of the best cats I've ever had.

  19. You are just like me with my tomatoes this year. One of a dozen varieties. I'm really hoping next year to not grow so many varieties since this year is my paste tomato trial. I would love about two varieties of paste tomatoes to keep growing which is most of what I want to grow.

  20. I can't wait to try my celery. I wonder, do they have a deep root system also?