Monday, March 29, 2010

Harvest Monday

It has been a while since I have done a Harvest Monday post with the last ones being Feb 8th &
Jan 17th. Today was a beautiful breezy spring day so I decided to catch some rays and harvest some veg. With the birds chirping in the background I harvested the following:


Mizuna & Spinach

The spinach will be used for a stuffed pasta dish, I am thinking jumbo shells stuffed with ricotta, parm & spinach and baked with red sauce. I am also thinking of cooking the mizuna as well, maybe a soba noodle something or other.

Above is my poor napa cabbage. A combination of laziness and illness resulted in a crop failure. It became compost.

Here are some future harvests growing in the season extenders:

Mixed leaf lettuce

'Little Gem' romaine

Kale, Tatsoi & Pac Choi


more Tatsoi & Pac Choi

From today forward we are expecting some pretty balmy weather. By Friday we are supposed to hit 27c (80f) with lots of sun. With this weather the crops above should really start putting some growth on. This weekend will definitely be a garden filled one! Look for a post on my new beds coming up next.....


  1. I drop by regularly and am always amazed at the way you have pushed the garden season. All the veggies you start and use ...
    Truly you can call yourself a gardener....

  2. Looks like you have the makings of many future harvests!

    That is some lovely spinach and mizuna also. I love the "greens" of this time of year.

  3. We're supposed to get the same beautiful weather. I can hardly wait for the explosion! Your spinach looks great. Something is nibbling little holes in mine. I'll have to figure out what it is before the leaves get large enough to eat.

  4. Ooooh what a deliciously green harvest. Looks so tasty. Good luck with the new crops.

  5. What a beautiful harvest. Your spinach looks wonderful and I bet it will taste great in stuffed shells. I made lasagna this weekend and thought the next time I make it, I will be using my home grown spinach.

    I just have to try mache next fall. Yours look so good. I didn't realize it grew that large. Sorry about the nappa cabbage, but the new seedlings look marvelous.

  6. Will ya look at those cute little bundles of Mizuna ! Lovely harvest, Dan. And lots more coming soon !

    Calling for a great week here too ! Yesssss ! :D

  7. Dinner at your house sounds awesome!!! Happy gardening this weekend!

  8. Nice harvest and the spinach cheese stuffed shells makes me hungry.

    Have you tried the bolted Napa cabbage leaves before you composted it? It may not be good for salad, but it is good for saute, soup, and casserole. The top 6" of the flower stalk is quite tender and sweet, and the leaves are more tender than kale.

  9. I haven't had a harvest since December. :-( You have all kinds of stuff growing!

  10. Lovely little packets of mizuna! I may have to add some of that to my 2011 garden. It's such a festive looking green.

    Dinner sounds wonderful!

  11. Pretty harvest. I love mizuna. I've never cooked it before but keep thinking about it. I always tend to put it in salads.

  12. Where are you? Canada? If so, how are you still gardening? It didn't look like a cold frame. That spinach looks awesome!

  13. They all look exciting to see the warmer weather finally coming... :)

  14. Can I come to your house for dinner? : ) sounds wonderful! What is up with you guys getting 80F and we are still in the mid 40s and upper 50s? I don't think that is fair at all... lol

  15. Rosemary - It is pretty amazing the difference a little glass or plastic can make.

    Villager - Thanks! Spring green are the best.

    Ribbit - Slugs are eating holes in my spinach, I just make sure to wash it well.

    Prue - Thanks!

    Grafixmuse - Mache is a nice green to grow. I planted these last Sept and they are just coming into their prime now. This season I will plant some sooner for a fall harvest.

    Miss M - The nice weather is certainly welcome this time of year. Now I only have to decide between gardening or photography.

    Kiwi Gomes - Thanks!

    Mac - Well I should have saved some cabbage then, I figured it would be too strong. Next time I will make sure to try some.

    EG - You will have to plant a bunch of stuff in your cold frames this fall. You should have even better results in your warmer climate.

    Kitsapfg - Mizuna is very nice, quite mild for a mustard green. So far I have had it mixed into salads, this will be my first time cooking it.

    Veg Heaven - Yes!

    Daphne - This will be my first time cooking the mizuna. I hear the Japanese put it in soups etc.

    JenGC - I'm in Southern Ontario, borderline zone 6a. I use a coldframe and two poly tunnels to grow crops in the cooler months. I have had harvestable greens all winter long. Not a lot of them though, this year I have to plant more!

    Jannett - It is nice to have warmth again.

    Sunny - Unfortunately we will not stay at 80f long. 50f is a much more normal day time high this time of year.

  16. Great looking greens, especially spinach. Hopefully too early for the leaf miners...

  17. That spinach looks delish.

    Dan, so you have a day of the month that you regularly post an update on your veggie garden - I guess it would be similar to the garden bloggers bloom day: I love to go to everyone's blogs on the 15th of each month and see what is blooming, but I would also like a monthly update on what veggies are growing around the world. Let me know if you have a monthly one other than Harvest Mondays - or if we should start one...