Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seedlings Etc

First an update on the laptop. We decided to get a second opinion and yes the hard drive is cooked. The only option left to recover the data is to send the drive off to be rebuilt which can cost upwards of $1000 dollars. That certainly is not going to happen. The only good news is the second repair place had a used hard drive so the laptop will be fixed cheaply. I will still be going the Mac route though. The laptop will now be used as a second computer as we don't share well and it will still provide a portable option.

With that out of the way, I am going to update on the seedlings I have growing at the moment. Most things are doing quite well and soon will be accompanied by many more seedlings.

Brilliant & Giant Celeriac. I seeded quite thickly
and now have a forest. I must thin them soon.

The peppers. The sweet ones are doing quite well but the
hot ones are kind of lagging. The worst is Big Chile II, I
seeded 12 and have two. Other problematic peppers are the
Pustagold which are a sweet white pepper that turns red. I
seeded 24 and have none yet.

Red Celery. They have just started sprouting.

Siletz Tomato, in hopes of an early crop. It is looking
a little sickly. The other day I potted it up into fresh
soil with added perlite. I have also started dosing it with
the blue stuff.

One of the entirely to many onion pots. Most are doing well
except the Prince F1 from last years seed. I think they may
just be replaced with sets.

Lastly here is tonights din din. It was a beautiful today so I decided to grill some hamburgers. I was out of bun so I made my own with Granny's Beautiful Buns Recipe with poppy seeds. Other homemade things are the relish, raw sauce and dill pickles. In the glass is oven baked rosemary potato wedges.


  1. Aren't home made buns so much better than packaged ones? Those oven baked rosemary potato wedges look delicious. I do pan roasted potatoes with rosemary which is similar. I'll have to try the oven method. How do you get yours so nice and brown?

  2. Granny sure does have some beautiful buns, doesn't she? :)

    I can't wait to watch your celery grow. This year, my goal was tomatoes and potatoes. Next year it's celery!!

  3. Granny - This was the first time I had made buns and yes homemade was great! They were pretty fast to make too with rapid yeast. For the wedges I cut them up, par boiled for 15 minutes and then roasted them at 425 for about 45 minutes. Once they start to really brown I turned the oven down to 350.

    Ribbit - I am hoping the red celery is redder when grown in strong light. The fall crop was not really red at all. If you wanted to try some celery this year you should be able to find some starts at the nursery. I have grown them that way in the past.

  4. Everything looks great Dan....where do you buy your red celery seed? Oh btw when is dinner? :) Granny's buns sure are inspiring everyone lately :) I will have to give them a try soon.

  5. Dang, I need to make some buns, too! (EG doesn't want to be left out). The seedlings look great, but you're right - that tomato plant looks pretty sick. Hope it makes it!

  6. It must the be week to make Granny's buns. I've got to do that some time too.

    When I seed, I'll remember that the Big Chili II didn't germinate well. I'll plant them all and coddle them as much as possible. I'm not doing too well with my early tomatoes. They should be up by now but aren't. Last year I did get one variety of seed from wintersown that just wouldn't germinate. I'm wondering if this set is the same way.

  7. Everything looks great Dan! I have a question for you- did you thin your celery down to 1 last year? I have large clumps growing...I hate to thin out 90% of them if I don't have to.

  8. Goodness that dinner looks wonderful!

    With the exception of that poor Siletz tomato - the seedlings are looking good. I wish I lived nearer to you because:

    1) I would invite myself over to enjoy some of those good looking burgers and crisp potato wedges; and
    2) I would share my extra super early Siletz plant with you.

  9. So you inaugurated the grill this week. Sweet ! That burger looks divine !

    Seedlings are looking great, Dan ! I thinned my celeriac yesterday. It was wrenching, as usual. Do we eventually get over the thinning phase ?

  10. Sunny - I bought the red celery from ebay. You can also find it at Heritage Harvest Seeds & Seeds Of Change. It is nice stuff, really hardy too.

    EG - The sad part is it is looking better in the photo then it was a few days ago! My garden is so full this year if a few things don't make it all the better :-)

    Daphne - The recipe is really good! I have a few more Big Chili up tonight, now 4 out of 12.

    Thomas - I thin down to two per cell, one on either end. I do this for most smaller growing things.

    KitsapFG - Well thanks for the offer of the plants! I think it is a little long distance though :-)

    Miss M - Nothing better then homemade hamburgers! I'm heartless with plants, off with their heads ;-)

  11. The buns look good. Too bad I am allergic to poppy :( :( :(

    I like your containers and the pics are very detailed and vibrant.

    Great blog!


  12. oooh how I agree with Miss M - I hate thinning. My celeriac looks indentical to yours - the seeds are just soooo small.

  13. The bun recipe is the greatest ever.... Love them... :)