Friday, March 12, 2010

Outdoor Happenings

We have been having some down right spring weather all week, it has been great. This time of year we should still be under snow but that certainly is not the norm this season. With the nice temps and ample sun shine things are growing inside and outside of the season extenders. Here are some examples:


Recently seeded Tatsoi & Pac Choi in the cedar tunnel

Hardneck Garlic

Sugar Loaf Chicory, looks like it is finally starting to do something


Mache, one of a few clumps

Tatsoi, Pac Choi & Kale sprouted.
Lettuce and Romaine still not making an appearance.

Napa Cabbage, it has been putting on some really good
growth lately. Unfortunately it is starting to bolt already.
I think I will just harvest them soon and use them for spring
rolls or somethin.

Overall I am pleased with the winter crops now and look forward to harvesting some things this weekend. Just a few more winter harvests left and everything will be making way for spring crops. Brassica will be seeded 3/15 and peas on 3/25, bring on spring!


  1. Your garden is coming alive! It's rather amazing how there is a sudden turning point where the growth just kicks in. I have never grown mizuna. It sure is an attractive looking plant!

  2. Lovely to see a bit of green isn't it?

  3. Wow your hoops really give you a lot of green! I can just feel everyone's excitement buzzing in the air.

  4. Oh wow, Dan ! Lovely ! Yours is definitely a green world. It sure gets toasty under that hoop. Am I reading 30C ?

  5. You really have a jump start on things, Dan. Gosh, I haven't got anything but onions planted out...

  6. Last spring my Napa cabbage all bolted too. It was great in cooked items, but a bit too strong for salads for me.

  7. Everything is looking fabulous! You are an inspiration!

  8. Everything looks great Dan....I have not tried the Napa cabbage you normally eat it cooked or as fresh greens?

  9. It all looks great! I checked out in the yard yesterday and a bunch of garlic is coming up. Some are already about 15cm tall!

  10. looks inviting :)
    I also planted tatsoi & mizuna!

  11. KitsapFG - The mizuna is nice mixed in with other greens. The taste has been really mild all winter. It is a mustard green so it may get spicer as the season progresses.

    Veg Heaven - Definitely nice to have some green around!

    Ribbit - It is an exciting time of year!

    Miss M - It has been 30c and above a few days last week. I keep forgetting to vent.. must get in the routen again.

    EG - The winter crops are doing really well now. This season I will start things much early though so I have more to pick earlier in the winter.

    Daphne - I have not tried any yet but I am guessing it will be pretty strong too. I think I will make spring rolls or egg rolls with it.

    Kiwi - Thanks :-)

    Sunny - You can eat the napa cabbage fresh or cooked. It is good in stir fry, spring rolls or anything that you would put cabbage in. Very nice tasting stuff and hardy.

    Aerlonian - I was happy to see garlic, I planted them in early dec which was way to late. Glade they made it.

    Lovemeknot - Good luck with your asian greens.

  12. Spring is definitely upon us...for the time being at least. Everything looks great. It sounds like you'll be enjoying a good harvest soon! I doesn't sound like you've been hit with all of the rain that we've been getting. Hopefully, this isn't a sign that this year will be as wet as the last.

  13. Looking good and yes this is WEIRD weather we have been having. I expect to be buried in snow until the end of the month. I have two, count them two blooms in my garden. Now let's just wait and see if we get an unseasonable late snow fall to spoil the fun! As it stands though I'm enjoying harvesting all these greens!

  14. I love your update - I was just thinking that more people should be posting up their veggie status - I have a bunch of photos to put up. Oh, and thanks for the input on the purple cauliflower - I did finally harvest and eat it tonight - yummy!