Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 Annuals

This year I am growing all our annuals from seed. We usually purchase them but it seems the last few years they have become excessively expensive to purchase. I ordered all the seed from Park Seeds as they offered a good selection at reasonable prices. The total cost with shipping was $26 and this will fill four urns, two window boxes, a couple pots and provide bedding plants for the perennial borders. If I was to hazard a guess starting my own annuals will saving in the range of $120 dollars easily. Here is what I am growing:

This group will be planted in the cast iron urns
out front and second floor window box.

This group will be out back. The two Impatient's will be
planted in the cement urns and the cement pot in the shade
garden. The Fuchsia was overwinter from last year and will
be hung above the shade garden.

This Black Eyed Susan Vine will be grown for the second time.
It will be grown on the fence planter for added privacy.

These will be planted in the front perennial border if I can find any room.

*I will be following up soon with a post on the some ornamentals I am growing from seed shared by Granny & Miss M.


  1. Lovely selection there. Those Black Eyed Susans are really beautiful. I've only seen the bright orange. Yours are much more subtle.

  2. I love that black eyed susan vine. I'm growing my annuals from seed too. I don't grow a lot though and no planters. I tend to travel in the summer and the planters would shrivel up and die without me watering them. Sometimes I do put pots out and by the middle of the summer they look pretty bad. This year I'm trying zinneas for the first time.

  3. I've started some of those purple datura and the germination rate is about 80% so far. Very nice selection!

  4. I really ought to do that myself. I start all my veggies and then go buy annuals to fill our front flower pots! Your selections are beautiful.

  5. I'm also growing my annuals from seed this year. I think it's really worth it.

  6. That black eyed susan vine looks spectacular. What fantastic colors.

  7. I really need to learn more about flowers. These are great. You will have a broad spectrum of color this year. Hopefully they will attract a lot of benefits to your garden.

  8. I will be interested to see how this works out. Unfortunately at the moment, we need so many trees and perrenials that annuals are not even on the horizon. However, I do hate paying for something that will die eventually. Can't wait to see yours in the garden.

  9. Nice blog. I found you from the link on Red's pages. Having a lot of shaded area, I was also happy when I recently found a huge box of pelleted Impatiens seeds on sale for 99 cents, and should be blogging about them soon ;-)