Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seed Order Part II

My second seed order arrived today from Heritage Harvest Seed. It was my first time ordering from them, they are located in Manitoba, Canada and offer a very good selection of unusual heirloom veggies. Goodies include:

Tiger's Eye Beans: Large, flat, kidney shaped beans.
Early producer, 80 days, bush habit.

Old Time Red & Yellow Tomato: A huge bicoloured
variety. Indeterminate, 90 days.

Monomakh's Hat Tomato: These were a freebie!
A russian variety, semi determinate, large 2lb fruit, 70 days.
Meaty with good flavor

Deacon Dan Beets: Red/white marbled flesh, good storage beet.
Grown by a deacon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Circa 1800's.

Amish Bottle Onions: An extremely rare onion from Pennsylvania.
Produces narrow, 6" long bulbs that keep well, good cooking onion.

Dragon Carrots: Purple skinned, orange corred carrot.
Nice sweet spicy taste. Second time grow these, they are excellent.

With this order in I only have one left to make. It will be from Pinetree and I am hoping to get it done tonight. Once that is in and a few more seed trades I will be all stocked for the coming growing season.


  1. Cool variety, unique veggies. Do you think they would grow well down here in the states?

  2. Sally - I am pretty much parallel with Boston, MA so I would think they would grow fine. You do have a maritime climate though so the tomatoes & shell beans with longer days to harvest might be an issue.

  3. I was thinking about ordering dragon carrots but ended up buying cosmic purple from off the seed rack.

    That beet looks really interesting...beautiful and rustic. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It's amazing how much more interesting homegrown heirloom veggies can be compared to the standard ones at the supermarket.

  4. Incredible variety. I think that's my biggest problem. I stay with the same old, same old. I need to branch out.

  5. Those tomatoes look absolutely scrumptious. However, the onions look plain weird...heh

  6. I just got my Fedco order. It was fun going through the seed. Now I just have to wait for their backordered items. I can never order seeds without getting some backorder it seems.

  7. Those beans looks so interesting!!! Love the purple dragon carrots, do you find that they have mure purple on them than other purple carrots? I know that sounds wierd, but I've grown a few purple varieties and they seem to tie with purple haze for purpleness. Ok I said purple way too often in one sentence!

  8. Wow, the beans look amazing and I love those Amish onions ! They're fantastic ! and thx for the link to the seed site. I'll check it out !

  9. Those bottle onions look very interesting. I might get some of those.

  10. Nice variety Dan!....I love the looks of those beets....

  11. What a great mix of items. The onions and that tomato particularly caught my eye. I must refrain from new items though... already have seeds coming out of my ears and I promised myself I would NOT expand the garden (again) in 2010!

  12. I love the look of those purple carrots!

  13. Heritage seeds are SO tempting, aren't they?