Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Strange Weather

The last few days have been sunny and warm for this time of year, if you could call 3c(38f) warm! Tomorrow is bring a day time high of 7c(45f) and lots of rain. I decided to open up the cedar poly tunnel and cold frame today so the plants could soak up the sun & rain to come:

Sorry about the sun glare

I keep wondering if winter is actually ever going to come. The end of the month is coming up, then all the is left is Feb which usually is a bad month and March which is usually an on and off snow month. Strange times.... But we have been taking full advantage of the nice weather by heading out exploring on any sunny day. Below are some photos I took today. More to come that I took over our 2.5 week break during the holiday season:

I was surprised to see this mushroom growing this time of year.
Coincidentally I just watched a doc. called 'Know Your Mushrooms'.
It was very interesting, even some psychedelic folks in it... You can
watch it in parts on youtube.

Here is some moss that was growing like a vine. First time
seeing such a moss.

An overview of the Grand River. It has not changed much
from the last time I took this shot. Little snow and lots of brown.

A field just outside of Burford, ON. I love how the low winter
sun creatures the light pink & blue colours at the horizon.

Seed heads, possibly shasta daisy's

Here are some buds on a Silver Maple. This is the second
year I have noticed this trees starts budding quite early.


  1. Beautiful pictures Dan. You have a good eye for composing photos.

    We have bud swell happening here too - but that is actually pretty normal for us. I even have primroses that are blooming!

  2. It sounds like we are getting the same weather you are. Tomorrow will pour, but it will be really warm.

  3. That mushroom could be Scroll down, you see some covered in snow.

  4. Looking at your beautiful photos reminds me of March or April around here ! Doesn't look like winter at all. Can't believe the maple is already budding ! Think some of those buds could've come out earlier this (unseasonably mild) Fall ?

  5. Wow the weather seems to be weird all around. We are getting milder weather than usual for late January (not complaining) but 3 degrees celcius is definitely not warm, hehe. Love the mushroom, does it fall into the edible for dinner category or the not edible at all costs, or the edible only by those of the alternative fringe group?

  6. KitsapFG - Thanks! The primrose would be nice to see, they are one of my favorites.

    Daphne - I am missing the snow. Always seems like we are missing something, like Nov just never left!

    Ragnar - Thanks for the link.

    Miss M - It does feel spring like but only on the odd occasion when the sun comes out. This tree had swollen buds all last winter too which was very cold and snowy. It is located beside the Grand River in a graveyard, a spot we stake out the eagles.

    Prue - 3c is pretty cold, especially in the rain. We should be more like -10c this time of year or colder though. I am not sure what this mushroom is, I have a book but they are so hard to tell apart. To my knowledge no 'fringe group' mushrooms grow wild here :) At least ones that won't make you violently ill in the process.

  7. Yeah, it's weird up here too. I'm not used to seeing rain pouring from the sky this time of year. It's making a muck out of all the insulating snow that I rely to prevent winterkill in some of the more tender perennials. Only another month of hard winter to go before I start dreaming of the big thaw sometime in March.

  8. I love that polly tunnel, did you make it yourself or is it available commercially?

  9. Ottawa Gardener - We almost always get a few thaws during the winter but the whole no snow thing is just weird. I am very concerned about winter kill!

    Dale Calder - I made the poly tunnel and cold frame myself. Here are the links to those posts:

  10. Well I think you might have something that would sell on eBay. I sure would buy one. It looked professionally made.