Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursdays Garden Meal(s)

The garden meal department has still been a little slow. I really want to start cooking meals that are almost completely from the garden but I just don't have enough things ready for harvest yet. I really need the beans, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes to get growing! Here are a few meals that have had a garden portion to them over the last week or two:

This meal was excellent! Beef tenderloin wrapped in good smoked bacon, lightly blanched sugar snap peas and potatoes cooked on the grill with olive oil & rosemary. The garden portion is the sugar snap peas & rosemary. I have been resisting the urge to steal potatoes from the ground so far. The beef tenderloin was purchased on sale as a whole piece. Once broke down into a roast, 6 steaks and an end piece for stroganoff it was basically the same price as hamburg. Good value there.

Here is a grilled pork chop with a mix of baby vegetables, beets, carrots, sugar snaps & broad beans. A very nice light meal.

Here is a strawberry rhubarb pie with a ginger strussel topping. This was made with rhubarb from the garden. If you are interested in the recipe it can be found on my Mom's baking blog.


  1. I'm loving the garden meals! It's such a challenge to come up with different menus, but well worth the effort when we're using fresh vegetables from our gardens at each meal. I really need to find something besides green beans as my vegetable side dish!

  2. Well, it all looks very tasty. But of course the pie looks the best. And your food photography is very nice!

  3. I always forget about my rosemary in the garden! I always think about it too late. That steak looks fantastic!

  4. Mmmmm.... it's a good thing I just finished my dinner, or I would be back in the kitchen prowling for snacks! I always get hungry looking at these great meal presentations. :D

  5. Yummy!!! I want to come to your house for dinner!!! Everything looks sooo delicious!

    I'm impatient for my garden to provide more yummy produce too! Grow you tomatoes... ripen up already... come on you cuke vines... get going!!!

    My 11 year old son ate 2 onions whole from the garden today... and my 15 year old son who detests anything "green" was munching on onion greens this afternoon.

    I'm a happy Mom... my gardening ploy is WORKING!!!

  6. Dan, the meals look great! And the pie... ah, man... that would be so good right now with my morning coffee :-)