Sunday, July 26, 2009

Root Crop Update

I managed to get some photos taken of the garden today after being rained out the first time. It has been one crappy weekend, lots of heavy rain, thunder and cool weather. Wait a minute, that seems to be what summer is lately.

poor drowning zucchini

Now for the task at hand, The last veggies to update on. Boy does it take a while to update things variety by variety. If you missed any updates here they are: Tomatoes, Potatoes, Beans, Melons, Peppers, Cucurbits, Brassicas and ending with today's Root Crop update.

This photo is the lowest bed and is comprised almost completely of root vegetables except the cucumbers growing on the trellis behind. This bed has onions, shallots, beets & carrots. A bit of a dogs breakfast really and not growing the best either.

Onion Set - these are the best growing onions so far

Prince Onions, Multiplanted - I started these from seed way back
in Feb I believe. I think next year I will just plant sets as the sets
are growing stronger.

Armador Shallots, Multiplanted - I started these from seed as well and I think
they were worth the effort. They are even multiplying in the first year.

Leeks - I seeded these near the end of May and planted them a little
over a week ago. I planted them in trenches that I will fill as they grow for blanching. They have just settled in so I will apply some high nitrogen fertilizer soon to give them a head start.

Atomic Red Carrots - These spindly things were planted at the end of April. Not sure what is happening but they sure don't want to grow. Maybe they will produce something by the fall I hope.

Nantes Carrots - I planted this double row about a month ago. They have grown nicely although they are a little flat after all the rain this weekend. My only problem with them is the beans & zucchini on either side keep shading them.

Detroit Red Beets - These were seeded a month ago for a fall harvest. They are also rather flat from all the rain. They have grown very nicely and need thinning already. They will be growing behind the poly tunnel shortly.

Well that about sums up the garden. I think another coffee is warranted on this cool & damp spring... or should I say summer! day. That will definitely be the next task. Tomorrow will be my Monday Harvest Post to coincide with Daphne's Dandelions Monday Harvest. She has added a widget to her post so everyone can link their harvests to her post. That way everyone can see each others harvests. If you have some harvest photos why not do a post about them and play along.


  1. Good luck with your carrots. That is one crop I've never successfully grown well.

    I though the weather would be great last night in your neck of the woods. Sorry to hear it has been not so nice lately.

  2. even more nice looking vegetables! However, what is even better than the veggies is the rain. Can you send some our way? Apart from 15mm the other day we are having one dry Winter here in Melbourne.

  3. Onion sets are so fun to plant and definitely seem to get a jump on the seed started onions. I am going to start some Walla Walla onions here in about a week or so and then plant them out in September/October to winter over. Never done that before with the large sweet onions - but apparently that is the only way to get really BIG sweet onions. Worth trying.

    Your leeks look like they are off to a good start. I did not grow any this year and I am kind of regretting it now.

  4. Fall beets are something I have never done. I am excited to see how yours turn out.

  5. Dan, this has certainly been a really strange year for weather.

  6. I usually grow onions from sets but the last year or two I've started a few from seed too. The trick is to get the seeds sown EARLY. Traditionally it's New Year's Day here - some fellas have even been known to skive off the Christmas Dinner washing up in order to get a good start to their onion seeds! Mine went into seed trays in early February and are getting close to harvesting now.

  7. Strange year for weather is right! We've had very few days over 90 in July. I'm worried we'll catch up in August.

  8. I planted Atomic Red too. It was the worst growing carrot in my whole garden. I did get some carrots out of it, but they just weren't all that prolific. I'm skipping the pretty colors next year and just going for what works. I keep looking at my onions that are supposed to be my storage onions. They really haven't grown as well I I would have liked, but at least they are growing. I wonder how tiny the bulbs will be. Weirdly I had a few flower. Sigh. Sets have that problem sometimes. Seeded ones aren't supposed to have this issue. Ah well. I lopped off the flowers and hopefully they will still work out.

  9. Hey Dan, my Atomic Reds sucked swamp water also. Poor Owen, those were his and his brother's Solar Yellow looked much better, both in germination and growth. That said, the one he harvested had gone to seed, so I'm not sure what to think. I seriously doubt I'll plant either again. My kids both say the Danvers and Purple Haze taste the best. I planted tons more for fall.