Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Blogger Bloom Day

Here goes July's GBBD. As many of you already know it is hosted by May Dreams Gardens on the 15th of each month to share what is blooming in your garden. I'll keep this short and sweet because I have a million pictures to upload! You may want to stretch out your scrolling finger before beginning :-)

To follow suit from last months GBBD, I will start with photos of the planters out front of the house:

Window Box

New hanging baskets (pair), seduced well passing them at the variety store.

Fancy Geranium Pot, one of a pair.

Urn out front, one of a pair

Now for veggie blooms:

Tomato, from flower to fruit

Male Zucchini Bloom

Potato Flower, finally some purple, it seems most are white this year

Cucumber flower

Red Kuri Squash Flower

Tomatillo bloom, this volunteered from my compost.
Funny thing is I wanted a tomatillo this year and now I have a free one.

Onion set that bolted, I left it in because it looks nice.

Dragon Tongue Bean bloom



Now for perennials...:

Lily, in a beam of light.

California Poppy



'Big Smile' Daylily

Hydrangea. I wish it was Blue, I wonder if acidic soil gardeners wish for pink?


Weed, in dewy grass.

Hens & Chick bloom


'Fernleaf' Bleeding Heart, still blooming since early spring.
Great plant that does not go dormant like a typical bleeding heart.





  1. Summer is looking mighty good in your neck of the woods. Love those window boxes so much!

  2. The flowers look amazing! You have such a wide variety of things growing. I bet a panoramic view of the garden would be beautiful!

  3. Great planters, veggie blooms, and perennials. I'm surprised you still have irises. My bleeding heart has long since bloomed and is dying off for the summer.

  4. I am so jealous of all of your blooms. Simply gorgeous.

    Good luck with your free tomatillo, I've heard they need two plants to pollinate and set fruit. Hopefully there is another one in the neighbor and the bees help you out!

  5. The beauty of it all makes me weep with envy!

  6. What a great looking garden you have. And I enjoyed this visit to Canada.

  7. what beautiful blooms you have all over your garden!

  8. I love all the container flowers. My only flowers in containers are my tomatoes. I usually have one pot next to the front door with flowers, but I just didn't get around to it this year.

  9. Yay you joined in on GBBD this month again! So many different blooms in your garden. And so many different veg. Love the hanging pot!

  10. I missed out on GBBD again, otherwise I would have posted some flowers in addition to veggies today. Great variety of day lilies and you're so lucky to still have irises. My astilbes and calif. popplies are doing well but I'm envious of your variety.

  11. You have some fantastic blooms right now! My fave photo is the weed in the dew.

  12. Always enjoy seeing the progress on that window box, it's so lovely and gets so massive at the end of the season. All your planters are just splendid. The veggies are looking great, too ! (Tomatillos are wonderful, I really gotta get those next year). The perennials are magnificient. I'm happy to know fernleaf dicentras bloom longer. I might replace some of mine.

  13. Beautiful! I love love love the window box!!! Where did you get it? I'd love to have some of those!

  14. Where to start?! First, The lily in a beam of light was very dramatic and beautiful. The veggie flowers are fun too. I know that onion flowers are a great bee attractant so letting that one go to bloom will help your pollination for other plants.

    Finally, I have to admire the Astilbe. It's one of my personal favorites (I have several!).

  15. What a wonderful selection! So glad to see vegetable flowers there too, very often they are overlooked.

  16. Gorgeous photo of the lily - the lighting is perfect!

    I love seeing all the vegetable flowers and imagining the fruit soon-to-be.

  17. Love your photography!
    Beautiful award winning photo over on Matron's blog!!!

  18. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Toni - The window box came from a large garden center near by. You can find them online if you can't find them in your area. The extra wide/deep ones are best as they dry out very fast. Here is a link to some:

  19. This is my 1st year growing zucchini, and I wondered what was up with those flowers. Thanks for clearing up my confusion, now I know they are male flowers. I've recently learned that those male flowers make good eating fried up in olive oil.

  20. Mr. McGregor's Daughter - thanks for reminding me about fried zuc blooms. I think they will be on the menu tomorrow!

  21. I love your containers, and how you included the veggie blossoms too. I am drooling over 'Big Smile'. What a gorgeous daylily. Beautiful photography too.