Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Monday

I am getting my Harvest Monday post in quite late today. As you will see below I am finally harvesting tomatoes. It has been a painful wait this year. I should really learn to not grow all late producing heirloom tomatoes one of these years....

Here we have Feuerwerk, Pink Berkley Tie Dye and Japanese
Black Trifele tomatoes. There also is a group of Adam Gherkin
cucumbers. I am really not fond of the cucumbers. They taste
good but they are really prickly to pick, like a cactus.

This basket-o-maters includes Giant Belgium, Cherokee Purple,
Japanese Black Trifele and Pink Berkley Tie Dye tomatoes.

Now for the prized piece, A Hillbilly Potato Loaf tomato.
These truly are the best tomato ever made and the first one
of the season! Even though the yield is very low I keep growing
them because they taste so good.

Lastly a couple heads of my strange broccoli. They are all
growing heads like this this year. It is almost like it wants
to turn to cauliflower. Tastes fine at least.


  1. I do the same thing with tomatoes, and am suffering for it this year. It is already feeling.... brisk in the evenings, so I am fearing for my tomatoes.

    And still, I read about your Hillbilly Potato Loaf tomato and thought, I should try that next year. No wonder I never have enough tomatoes!

    My broccoli is doing the same thing, I am thinking it is the widely varying temps we've been having, from 90s to low 70s in 24 hours. I haven't eaten any yet, I need to get it tomorrow.

  2. Great harvest. Those are some huge tomatoes!

  3. You may have had to wait.. but oh my the rewards for your patience! Those are some of the prettiest first of the season ripe tomatoes I have seen. Most of us get a few puny little saladette sized tomatoes for our "first ripe tomatoes of the year" harvests.

  4. What a beautiful variety you've grown. I grow Brandywines--and I'm STILL waiting for that first one. It's an exercise in frustration, but I know the taste will be worth the wait!

  5. The tomatoes are beautiful and probably well worth the wait even though I know how impatient we gardeners can be! The broccoli looks interesting! I hope that it tastes good!

  6. Dan ; Harvest is abundant , considering the season we have had the tomatoes look good.Agree about the cukes.. like them but not to pick...

  7. I'm so glad you posted a picture of the Hillbilly tomato. I have a couple of plants here, tomatoes are still green but the catalogue photo made them look interesting. If they are as good as you say they taste, then definitely a keeper.
    The Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomatoes and the Japanese Trifele are great ones too. Thank you Dan!

  8. Hillbilly Potato Loaf tomato, huh... I cannot say I have heard of this one. It sounds like something kenneth from 30 Rock would say that his family grew.

    I will have to do some research into this one. Always looking for interesting tomatoes to grow!

    Sorry it's been a painful wait this year. I hope it has been worth it!

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  10. Like the hillbilly tomatoes. It is great to finally be able to pick and use what you grow.