Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Planting

Last weekend I managed to get quite a few things on my to-do list done. Not everything but a good first round. Here goes a bunch of photos of what was accomplished:

9 Green Goliath Broccoli were planted.

3 Happy Rich Sprouting Broccoli went in. This is my first
time trying these and the plants are still quite small.

I planted a bunch of lettuce starts including Winter Density,
Merlot, Black Seeded Simpson & Buttercrunch.

A good amount of seeding was done. Seeds include Radishes, Romaine,
Mixed Greens, Pac Choi ( red & a bolt resistant variety) & Tatsoi

The peas I planted on May 4th are off to the races. They need
a good thinning after my heavy seeding.

The Crimson Flowered Broad Beans that I planted as starts
are just coming into flower now. I am growing these as a seed
crop so if you want some let me know.

I also cut the lawn for the first time this season. All the clippings
were used to get my compost cooking again. All this material went
back in the bin in layers. Next time I cut the lawn I need to do the
same thing for my leaf composter.

I planted up a few ornamental's this weekend as well, two cast-iron urns
and two hanging baskets out front. This particular plant came from
the Variety Store just down the road, cheap and healthy.

There are still many things to plant. This week I have to plant all the potatoes and onions, they should have already been planted. I still need to get all the warm season crops in too, I will probably plant all them this weekend, it is suppose to be a hot one.


  1. Nice progress photos, Dan! I'd love to see your okra in the next post....

  2. You definitely got a lot done!

  3. Hasn't it been a crazy, cold spring? I hope we get some warm weather before it decides to go straight to 100F like we often do where I live.

  4. EG - Sure will, the Okra are still pretty small. It is warming up now through so I am hopeful.

    Gumboot Goddess - Happy growing to you too!

    Vanessa - It is nice to get some things in the garden.

    Granny - It has been really cold and wet. I was figuring the same thing, that it will go from being to cold to being to hot.

  5. Beautiful photos. We seem to have such a small window of opportunity now that the weather is warming up. I feel like I have to rush to get things planted. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

  6. I am wondering if you are destined to go from cold to hot in a heartbeat without much inbetween season?! We on the other hand appear to be stalled in a cool cloudy - occassionally raining - pattern that just won't let up. We get a day of sunshine here and there but almost always followed by a day or more of heavy rain and cold. The garden is growing despite that - but it sure is delaying summer.

  7. Wonderful pics! You must be a photographer as well as a gardener! I would like to have a few of those Crimson Flowered Broad Bean seeds when they are available. They look very nice.

    Regarding the compost, since you have the ingredients out in the open, may I humbly suggest that you blend it together forkful by forkful onto a third "blended" pile and then put it all in its place? That would intermingle the contents so decomposition would take place more quickly than using the layering method. I do mine that way and it seems to really cut the time for being able to use the compost.

  8. Love the broad beans. Mine have buds on them but they are white flowered I think.

  9. I've never seen those Crimson Flowered Broad Beans before so after seeing them I did some Googling.
    I hope it's not too early to let you know I would like some of your seeds.
    You're the one who taught me how to save seeds (from a reference).

  10. You did have a busy weekend in the garden! Love those Crimson Flowering favas. I've been growing them off and on over the last few years. It's nice to see that they are becoming more popular.

  11. Everything seems to be coming along nicely.

    I don't know what happened with mine. I seemed to have planted so many seedlings of spinach, beets, and carrots, and out of all that I planted, only one spinach plant came up, three beet plants and no carrots!


  12. The petunias look lovely! Petunias are my favorite summer basket ornamental.

  13. Pretty pictures. Good luck, seeds!

  14. So glad your crimson flowered broad beans are a regular in your garden now. Mine are in perfect flower at the moment!

  15. Just 'found' your blog and really love it. I would love some of the Crimson Flowered Beans. I am going to be saving some Mrs. Burn's Lemon Basil seeds this year, so if you are interested I will send you some when I harvest the seeds.

  16. These are some gorgeous pictures!! Your lettuce looks beautiful!

  17. We live in northern Utah and the weather has been cold and rainy this spring. We usually are able to plant a garden by may 15th. This year our ground didn't dry out enough to plow until the first part of June. So we were late getting in our garden also. I hope they have enough time to grow still. Our plants are looking good now though. I will update you through the season.