Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peas Are In!

Our weather has greatly improve now, seemed to take forever this year. Over the last few days I have planted out all the peas, last year they were planted April 21st. I am slightly concerned about them producing this year. They should have been planted long ago and if summer weather comes on fast they may just fry. Time will tell I guess. I'll start with my problematic peas:

I ordered snap peas last fall and they just would not germinate for me this spring. I replanted twice in the rootrainers and only a few plants grew. I ended up getting new seed and direct sowing them on May 4th:

They were soak over night first.

I then planted two rows, heavily in hopes the Squirrels leave me some.

After planting I used a bunch of sticks to support them.
I like sticks because they are free and look good in the patch!

Today, May 11th the snap peas are sprouting. There is hope!

Above is a shot of one of the other peas that I grew in rootrainers. When the seed is good these planting packs really grow nice starts. Below are all the peas grown as starts in rootrainers:

Salmon Flowered Peas, Seed shared by Matron.
I am looking forward to these beauties.

Purple Podded Peas. These are a soup pea so they will likely
be treated as an ornamental.

Snow Peas.


  1. I hope the weather treats your peas well. I like the look of your sticks. And wow that is heavy seeding. I usually plant my peas about 2" apart. Some years germination is sporadic. This year I had very good germination. Almost every seed came up.

  2. I had to laugh about the squirrels! I just hate them. I'm sure that you will get some nice peas this year.

  3. Looking good, Dan. I was late getting mine in, too. Here's hoping we both get lucky and get a good crop. Oh, I always sow my peas thick. Not quite as thick as that, but almost.

  4. Well am very pleased you shared this, as ours aren't even in (except for sweet peas which are barely above an inch). It has been a late wet, so cold..let's hope the plants are resilient enough to overcome all that and get growing. Hope to plant tomorrow.

    Beautiful arch in the raised bed..inspiring photo.

  5. Hope the weather holds out for you with the peas yet that means we are hoping for cool weather when we need warm weather for the tomatoes, peppers etc. Can't win for loosing. I am not planting peas this year since last year was a real bust and can use the space for more things.

    I did get my potatoes planted today however.

  6. Yeah for peas!! Glad you got some growing! Squirrels huh? I hope they save you some too! I planted a row before I left on vacation. I hope mine comes up.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of peas. I was dumb and did one per slot, then had to go back and re-seed the blank spots. There were a lot of them. Should have done like you! Next year I will. Bad germnation for me. Best of luck with you and your squirels.

  8. The root trainer starts should give you a good crop even if they weather does race right into summer. The branch supports are indeed attractive and the price is certainly appealing too. ;D

  9. Great work! Starting seeds is sure harder than what the seed packet says.

  10. You should have some of those seeds grow as you have certainly sown plenty.

    We have planted Carouby de Maussane - mangetout peas which should have purple flowers like the purple podded peas which we have grown in the past and harvested as a vegetable although they're not the best tasting pea.

  11. Love the sticks!!!! I've planted peas over here too although it's coming into winter now...frost got some of them and slugs the others! too sad. Some are doing ok. Yours look very happy!

  12. Good to see those salmon flowered peas looking healthy. They do get a bit top heavy because all the flowers appear in a spray at the top of the plant!

  13. Lovely photos. I especially like the stick trellises. In our community garden we get creative with trellises too. Salmon flowered peas sound fun. Post some pics when they flower!

  14. My daughter has just moved to Canada from Australia this it is interesting to see how the weather is progressing into spring! She is also in Ontario. Your peas look very healthy.