Friday, May 20, 2011

Inside the Season Extenders

First off a little follow up from the post below. My laptop is officially dead, the motherboard is fried. The hard drive was still okay though. I was able to hook it up to a hard drive enclosure and transfer the few things off that were not backed up via USB. We now have a spiffy 27" iMac which truly has been a pleasure to use so far.

Now for the task at hand, veggies! Below is a bunch of photos of crops I have growing in the polytunnel and coldframe:

Broccoli, Green Goliath

Onions, Bottle

Peppers, Anaheim

All the Tomatoes for my Sister & I

Beans, Dragon Tongue in rootrainers. These are on my
heat mat, I am sure that is not recommend for outdoor use :)

Melons, Montreal Market also on my heat mat

Okra, seed shared by EG They are not growing much
but the warmer weather coming will help.

Basil, even though I don't like basil very much.

Herbs & Greens

Here we have a bunch of ornamental plants waiting
to be planted in pots and garden beds. Some are doing
better then others.

The long weekend coming up is our traditional planting time in Southern Ontario. Usually I have all the hardy things planted about a month ago but not this year, It has been to cold. Friday evening and Saturday will be spent doing some major planting. Everything is going in except the warm season crops, those I will just keep in the polytunnel for a little longer. Rushing them never turns out well, they like it hot! Look for a garden update this weekend with lots of photos of planted beds.


  1. They all look good but how can you NOT like basil?

  2. It's always exciting when everything starts to grow. I love basil - I grow it in my kitchen!

  3. lol I'm thinking the same thing. How can you not like basil? Well I hate arugula so I guess we are even. Things are looking good. I planted my tomatoes out early since the weather was so good. Now They are having to be pampered in the cold wet weather. At least it is getting warmer. I might even have to take the plastic off if we do see breaks of sun. I hope we do, but it doesn't look good.

  4. I had to laugh... I love the smell of basil but not as keen on the taste! I grow it and use it but I am not quite the fan of it that others are. I do love how my basil plants are making my greenhouse smell.

    Your plants are looking good and I hope the planting up process gets substantially underway for you soon. Sorry about the computer death - but sometimes those are good things as you get some much needed new equipment out of the process. :D

  5. Plants are looking real good. I have small pop up greenhouses and things in there are just starting to really grow. I should be planting next weekend on our long weekend. That is traditional but it really needs to get out of the 50's and get some sun or things will be delayed.

    I just posted some photos of my babies also.

  6. Looking good, Dan! I'm always impressed by how well you make use of the urban space that you have.

  7. The okra looks perfect, and will take off once warm weather arrives. It really, really likes the heat...

  8. Jealous of your Montreal Melon seedlings - having trouble germinating mine. Did they take a long time to germinate?

  9. Wow! Your seedlings are really healthy in your coldframe and tunnel. I vote to see more pics of them so I cam tweek what I do to get your results! Amazing!

    Funny, I don't even grow herbs as I never know what to do with them.

  10. You don't like basil? Really?

  11. Have you successfully grown okra before? I managed to get mine to about 5 inches tall and they died. Just not warm enough.