Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Peak in the Polytunnel

The polytunnel is bursting at the seams currently and I still have three flats of plants under the grow light. At the moment it is mainly full of warm season crops and overwintered plants. The last week or so has been pretty warm so everything has been staying outside. Sunday is forecasted to be much cool though so I may have to start carting things in and out which I really don't want to do. Here goes some shots of whats in there:

Celery & Celeriac

Red Scallions from seed shared by Thomas. The larger ones
were started about a month ago and the wee ones were just
seeded. There should be enough for a good sized clump.

In this flat are double yield cucumbers, butternut squash, petit
gris melons, crookneck squash & zucchini. They are getting a head
start in peat pots and will be planted out in 2-3 weeks.

All the tomatoes for me and my sister. I will be growing
18 plants this year and of those there will be 18 varieties.

Peppers, doing nicely. I may plant them soon if the cold
snap later this week doesn't last.

All the beans. There are poles, bush & shell beans in there.
To many to list so they will have to get a post of their own.

To wrap things up, here is my not so early tomato.
I will plant it out soon in hopes of some early fruit.


  1. It looks like you may need another tunnel. All of your veggies look very happy. My little greenhouse was over flowing as well. It's been a very unusal spring.

  2. It does get a mite crowded at this time of year doesn't it? Still, summer's got to come eventually!

  3. Hi Dan, I am thinking along those lines so I can give my sweet potatoes an earlier start and longer growing season. John

    p.s. I edited the comment on the snakes.

  4. The "not so early" tomato looks really good! It did a good catch up considering you had to start over with the early planting. I bet it does give you an early start to th season.

    The plants all look really happy. The poly tunnel seems to be a work horse for you. It's amazing what a difference the insulating air pocket created and passive solar heat makes for spring starts. I have been glad I have all my tomatoes under a grow tunnel because it has gotten down to 35 and 36 degrees last night and the night before. Wicked cold system has been coming through our area and brough hail, wind, and unseasonable cold. Luckily my plants are holding their own but nothing really grows much when stressed by the climate like that.

  5. Looks like everything is off to a great start. So far it has been an amazing spring here in NB too everything is so far advanced for this early in the year. I'm still being cautions though our last frost date is still two weeks away. Wow 18 varieties of tomatoes, I'll be watching that develope.

  6. I should've started some of my stuff in cell packs too, but didn't think about it. 18 different varieties of tomatoes is even more than what i've got, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on each.

  7. Wow, 18 varieties of tomatoes. My husband was so disappointed when I told him I was only growing 9 varieties this year and halving the number of plants. If the garden was his domaine it would be mostly tomatoes. You've got a nice variety of other veggies to accompany all the maters. Isn't spring wonderful!

  8. Those seedlings are looking good and it reminds me that I have to get my cucumber and squash seedlings started.

  9. 18 varieties of tomatoes! Yum! You plants are looking good!

  10. Dan - I soaked the butternut squash overnight before sowing. No result yet. Today's the third day. How long did it take your's to germinate?

  11. Looking mighty fine ! Thx for the peek.

  12. Everything looks great Dan. I can see how your hoop house design really comes in handy. I wish I could vent mine that way.

    It looks like your beans germinated well. Only a fraction of mine did.

  13. Very nice Dan...Your polytunnel looks like it works great...your plants look fabulous!

  14. Your seedlings look great :-) Hope that the weather straightens out for you and warms up a bit.