Monday, May 24, 2010

Beans are in

It would appear I missed another harvest Monday. Today was a holiday which made it seem like Sunday. I did get my beans in today though so I will post about that.

With rot problems last year I decided to grow all the beans in rootrainers this year. They offer 32 cells per flat and worked really well. I am growing quite a mix of beans this year, I will spare you a photo of each one and just list them below:
  • dragon tongue
  • kentucky blue pole
  • purple podded pole
  • boriotto (from Gary)
  • soldier (from Kath)
  • true red cranberry (from Kath)
  • tiger's eye
  • trail of tears (from Daphne)
  • vermont cranberry
In this bed I have pole beans on a bamboo trellis.
Then in front I have brush beans.

Here I have some more pole beans growing up wigwam's
made from branches and twine. Nice and cheap!


  1. The bean plants look like they got a great start in those roottrainers. Nice variety you are putting in - made even nicer in that several of them are from various friends.

  2. I like your bean plot Dan ..very cool using the branches and sticks... My purple podded pole beans just sprouted...first time I have grown about you? I hope they are tasty...but at least they will look cool : ) Happy Victoria Day!

  3. Your beans are bigger than mine Dan! I will save putting them out till next week, when it's June. We are forecast another cold snap here (not frost, I think, but enough to chill new beans) this week.

  4. You have quite a variety of beans! I can't wait to see how they grow. That is quite a root system on the rootrainer beans. I am sure that will help get them off to a great start.

  5. I can never be bothered to grow seedlings of beans. They come up to easily outside for me. I'm doing the same thing as you are for more space. I'm growing pole beans in the back and bush beans in the front of the bed. I have all my beds going from east to west the long way. So the north side of the bed is along the back with all the tall things.

  6. I like the wigwams! I need to do some research regarding these root trainers of yours. I like how they pop open.

    I'll be reseeding my beans this week. I even presprouted them but sure enough, they still took forever to emerge (well about 30% of them did).

  7. KitsapFG - I am looking forward to all the different varieties. Lots of green & shell beans this year.

    Susan - I grew the purple ones last year, they were really good. They loss their colour through when cooked.

    Veg Heaven - It is hot hot hot here now. Close to 30c Sun-Thurs and then 21c for the remainder of the week.

    GrafixMuse - Lots of beans, can't wait. Last years crop was almost a failure so I hope these do better.

    Daphne - I never had problems with them until last year. They just all kept rotting, the only beans that really flourished last year was the dragon tongue's. I am hoping for better luck this year.

    Thomas - The rootrainers were made in Canada originally for starting tree seedlings. They have worked really well for all the peas & beans. A little expensive but not much more then a few seasons of peat pots. My beans didn't want to come up last year. Not sure if it was bad seed, cool soil or all the rain. Probably all of the above :-)

  8. I haven't made any Monday harvests at all this year, but that will change very soon! Good luck with the beans!

  9. Beans! It's my first year growing them. I went for the Royal Burgundy beans, although some of the varieties you have there look great. Hmm, list started for next year!

  10. fThat is a really nice variety of beans that you've got. I like the look of those root trainers. I've been using paper pots but I've found that I have to get the sprouted beans or peas planted PDQ after they germinate, it looks like the trainers would allow a little more leeway.

  11. I can hardly wait for the beans to be ready....the garden is looking great Dan.

  12. I planted Dragon Tounge this year as well, I'm excited for the turn out. I love the wigwan's you made, what a great cheap idea. I have a big pile of sticks and twine, I'll have to borrow your idea. Thanks!

  13. Love your wigwam's...nice selection of beans!

  14. Those rootrainers look really neat and the roots of the beans plants are so nice and healthy.

    I have a variety of pole bean that I'm going to be planting soon and giving a try this year. It's Blue Lake Pole (like the Blue Lake Snap Bush but in pole form LOL) I read that it's completely stringless so we'll see and I'll let you know. The Kentucky Wonder Pole I grew last year had strings if I didn't pick the pods when they were young. So that's my main reason for trying another variety of pole bean this year.