Saturday, December 20, 2008

What A Difference A Day Can Make

Friday morning we had a snow storm roll in from Colorado which intensified over the Great Lakes and dumped a massive amount of snow on Southern Ontario. We received 12 inches in Brantford and areas closure to the lakes received even more. I don't recalled ever seeing this much snow at once in my 23 years.

I spent four hours last night blowing snow on the front driveway and the side shared driveway which is about 100 feet long. Then another hour this morning clearing the elderly lady's driveway and clearing the missed spots from last night. Lots of work and I am so glade I did not have to clear it with a shovel.

To top that off we are supposed to receive another 6 inches from Sunday to Tuesday. It is not even winter yet! If this is an indication of what the winter is going to be like we are in for a very long winter. Maybe I will open a ski hill on the front lawn?


  1. Dan, seeing the amount of snow that you've gotten, makes me glad that we only got 3 inches. Man....that's alot! However, we have received so much rain over the past week, that we are officially out of the drought, now.


  2. We got at least 8 inches here in Southern Vermont. However, the snow flurries have continued all morning and we're supposed to also get the storm coming Monday. I'm bummed that we're headed south for Christmas in a few days and won't get to enjoy it.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. It is pretty-coming from me with green grass still:) Okay, okay, stay safe and warm and don't drive unless you have to. On the other hand, I LOVE to shovel snow. Something about it that is rewarding. I bet a snowblower is even better.

  4. EG - It is crazy here, all the side streets are one lane and people parked on the road are now buried in snow banks. That's good that you are out of the drought, that should do wonders for your spring garden.

    Emily - Have a great trip, Happy Holidays.

    Tina - The snow is nice looking, especially on evergreen trees. Snowblowers are even better, you can shoot it way in the air or 40' right in front of you. Putting an engine on anything makes it better!

  5. It does look pretty. Nice of you to 'shovel' all those driveways.

  6. Great new layout. I have visited in awhile. School has kept me busy. (I'm a teacher.) Now I'm off for two weeks which is lovely. Anyway. I really liked what you did to spruce up the blog. Also thanks for putting a link to my blog on yours. I see that I haven't posted in some time. I often compose them in my head but they don't get them typed. I should do one now.

  7. Great picture of the birdhouses covered in snow.
    I agree about the snow in this area, way too much already and shovelling is a pain. Snowing and blowing here today again! More shovelling !

  8. We were hit in Boston too--about 8 inches and it's about to turn to freezing rain, which is going to make matters even worse.
    Happy Holidays, Dan!

  9. All kidding aside, we really did have a sledding hill beside our driveway last year with nine foot 'drifts.'

    Yes, I hear that we are to expect more percipitation than usual this year. Yesterday that came in the form of rain?