Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Photolific Night In Toronto

The drive to Toronto was good and we only were stuck in traffic twice for about 15 minutes each time. After the drive and finding some were to park that was not $30 dollars, we hit the pavement with the camera and tripod at 8pm. This left about 45 minutes of good sun setting light and the remaining time being spent on night photography. It was really exciting, some much so that we ran about 1hrs20min late picking up my sisters fiancé. Needless to say he was a little cranky about this but such is life. It was a much longer drive home due to construction reducing the highway to one lane so we did not make it back until 2:30am ish. Although I could have kept taking pictures all night if we didn't have to pick up Kris.

Here is a series of some of the photo's:

Toronto Skyline

Queen St & University Ave

Brookfield Place, Bay St

Campbell House, Queen St

London Life Building, University Ave

University Ave, North Bound

University Ave, South Bound

Brookfield Place, KI Resturant, Bay St.
art glass by Dale Chihuly

Brookfield Place, KI Resturant, Bay St.
Looking rather sultry

Canadian Opera Company, University Ave
Advertising a Jag

King St, East

King St, East

Bank of Montreal, Bay St
One amazing plaster ceiling


  1. These are star quality photos and terrific tour!

  2. You are amazing with that camera. Taking pictures of things most of us (ok, me) walk by every day and don't even pay attention to, but when you see your pictures, they're cool!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Toronto is soo pretty. I've always wanted to go. I actually had a poster of Toronto growing up. Great photos!

  4. Great quality photos you have there!
    I really like the colors in the fountain!
    Should have let fiancé catch a ride on a bus or taxi.. tee hee...

  5. amazing pics love the water fountain with the blue light

  6. Tina - glade you liked the tour

    Sin - the lens changes the perspective of things.

    DP - You should visit, it is a really fun city, lots to do.

    Skeeter - I think her fiance would have killed us if he had to take the bus but yes the thought is funny!

    Rosemary - I really liked the fountains as well. There was actually another person taking night shots of the same thing. We shared images with each other and he had even better angles of the fountain. Inspiration for the next visit.

  7. Those fountain pic's I took lol. That was a fun night Dan we really have to go do that again soon before it gets to cold. You should have went to Nova Scotia with me.