Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just Veg Today

Lots happening lately.

If you recall a while back when I was saying that I planted my zucchini with compost that not to my knowledge had squash seeds in. Well I ended up with two pumpkin vines and no zucchini, I guess I thinned the wrong one. I believe it is a pie pumpkin because that is the only pumpkins I have had. It should be nice to have home grown, home made pumpkin pie. When I realized it was a pumpkin growing I planted some new zucchini seeds in place of my cabbage, there is just enough time from them to grow before the frost, about 50 days. I didn't use my compost this time.

Speaking of the cabbage, they had a little miss hap. They start to get a fair amount of cabbage butterfly damage and I was just about to pick them because of this. Well when I first thought this I should have pulled them because a critter in the night came and ate a 1/4 of each head. So needles to say they when in the composter, not really interested in wild animal saliva, yuck!

The real exciting part is my tomatoes are starting to turn and I should be able to start picking some tomorrow. This is great but I still want to try and get my tomatoes producing ripe fruit by July not August.

I have also been busy with fall crops. I have ground seeded the turnips and they have just germinated. The third broccoli seedlings I started did not even sprout this time but I was lucky enough to score transplants from a farmer in the Dundas, Ontario area. I bought a bag of 10 plants for $1 buck, what a deal! They are some really nice looking plants and I have them in the ground already. They are growing in a row covered tunnel to keep the cabbage butterfly off of them as well as to keep some of the heat off of them.

The cucumbers are just starting to be large enough to pick. The plants are getting yellow spots on the leaves, this must be some disease. I am guessing it is from all the rain we have had and I am hoping I get a good crop before it kills the plant. The pole beans are just starting to produce good size beans but the lima beans have just flowers so far.


  1. The garden is looking great Dan. Today will be bacon and tomato sandwiches. :)

  2. Everything looks great. Your picklin' cucumbers look so much better than mine. Ours just get all fat and weird shaped. lol. You've got me thinking about fall crops. What are your plants for fall?

  3. dp - I have just planted broccoli and turnip for the fall so far. I will plant more carrots and beets as space comes available. I am also going to plant some lettuce, radish, spinach & bok choy when the temperatures go down a bit, probably late Aug/early Sept I will start them.

    You may find this link informative, it is a page done by the University of Tennessee on fall vegetable gardening. Tells you about planting times for each crop, days to harvest etc.

  4. Yesterday we had the bacon and tomato sandwiches..and they were amazing...nothing like fresh tomatoes.... :)

  5. Everything is looking really good!
    I think it is neat the way you have the garden up against the house. How creative...

    Our veggies are chugging along at a slow pace but to be expected during a drought season.

  6. I swear, everytime I go to your site, I am inspired at what you have grown.

    I planted some flowers a month ago, and now the are dust!!

    You are amazing at gardening!!

  7. skeeter - I can't take all the credit for the layout because the side yard is about 4' wide at the top and maybe 12' wide at the bottom so it was kind of a have to do. But I must say it did turn out really well.

    We are having the complete opposite of drought this year, we have had rain almost every 4 days. Big storms to boot. I have never had such a green lawn in August, normally it is brown by now.

    Leighann - thanks!

  8. How amazing! What a great looking garden and harvest! Bravo! All that hard work paying off must feel great!

  9. Sin - It has been very nice not having to run to the store as much to pick up produce.